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3 Most Common Traumatic Events and How to Cope After – 2024 Tips

It is the wish of everyone to live a stress-free life full of joy and positive vibes. Unfortunately, life is full of uncertainties, and thus, we must face some stressing and traumatic experiences. A traumatic event is any hard situation that causes emotional, physiological, or physical harm. In many cases, the victim of the traumatic event feels frightened, anxious, or even threatened by the circumstances.

People respond to these events in various ways, with the main ones being shock and denial. After that, most victims show anger, anxiety, and dramatic change in moods, insomnia, appetite changes, or even lack of concentration. The worse traumatic conditions might also cause depression and changes in weight. There are many types of traumatic events, but we will only discuss the three common ones which many people face.

Hopefully, this information will help you recover quickly and find peace in your situation.


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Death is inevitable, and it happens to everyone. It is usually associated with grief, which can range between mild and intense, depending on the type of relationship you had with the deceased. The sadness associated with the death of a loved one fades with time, but the healing process takes time. So, how do you absorb the shock of death and remain sane during that period? Here are helpful tips that you can adopt to deal with the sudden demise of your spouse, child, or close friends

  • Stay with other people – do not isolate yourself when you are in grief. When you stay alone, the chances are high that you will overthink about the same issue, and probably, become more stressed. If possible, attend the memorial services too to get the comfort you need.
  • Express your emotions – cry as much as you can. Crying is a natural method of expressing yourself, and it can give you the traumatic relief you need during that period. Also, listen to all the songs which provide you with comfort as you grieve the loss of your loved one.
  • Talk to other people – share your feelings, your opinions, and your thoughts to the people you trust. When you speak to other people, you will get an emotional relive, and probably, you will start healing. Besides talking, you can also share your story through writing. For instance, you can write a poem, a song, or a journal.
  • Preserve the memories – plant a tree, create a folder, or preserve the memories of the deceased in the best ways possible. In that way, you will most probably feel better.
  • Talk top a physiologist – Physiologists are experienced and well-trained people who help others to deal with traumatic events. With their help, you can easily manage your fear and grief and move on with ease.

Personal injury

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Just like death, accidents happen to us unexpectedly. You can cause an accident by yourself, or even suffer due to the negligence of another person. The main types of personal injury accidents include motor vehicle accidents, slip, and fall accidents, and medical malpractices. The effects of personal injury accidents are not usually attached to physical injuries since it is possible to suffer emotional trauma. For instance, many accident victims experience anxiety, even when the event did not suffer severe injuries.

Most personal injury cases are complex, and the insurance firms might be reluctant to offer compensation. As explained by the folks of RecoveryLawCenterHawaii, one of the best ways of getting justice and immediate healing is by seeking the help of an attorney. A good lawyer can facilitate the insurance process, and thus, help you get compensation for the medical costs and other expenses you incur due to the injury. In addition to legal assistance, here are different effective ways on how to cope with accident trauma:

  • Talk to your friends and relatives about the things that happened in the accident scene.
  • Stay active and exercise as much as you can. Consult your doctor about the types of exercises that you can do, depending on your current situation.
  • Seek the help of a professional to get advice, and the information that you need to stay sane during that hard period.


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You once trusted with your heart, but now you have lost. Your mind was wide open for love and safety, but now you have to deal with abandonment. A divorce can be messy, and it can leave you with loneliness and anger, especially if you were betrayed. Some divorces go on straightforwardly, but most of them involve physical aggression. If you are undergoing divorce right now, here are helpful tactics that you can apply to cope with the situation.

  • Accept the divorce – the initial step of healing the traumatic divorce event is by accepting the situation. Accept that you will not get that love back, and try to think about things.
  • Take time to grieve – do not fear to mourn the situation. After all, you have lost trust, lost your love, and possibly, lost your beloved family. Mourning will help you heal faster.
  • Consider physiotherapy – many divorce professionals advise the spouses who have just undergone a divorce. A physiological expert will examine your condition and provide an appropriate way to help you move forward.
  • Find a lawyer – seek the help of a reputable attorney to facilitate the divorce process and help in the dividing of the family property.
  • Join support groups – there are many communities and support groups for people who have undergone a divorce. Join the group to find support and relive.
  • Take care of yourself – eat, sleep, relax, and exercise well. Go for a holiday if possible, and avoid excessive consumption prohibited activities.
  • Talk to your kids – reassure your children that everything will be alright and prevent the children from getting involved in the family conflicts.

We cannot prevent the above traumatic events from happening to us, but we can undoubtedly learn new tricks and tactics to handle them. If you are undergoing any stressing moment right now, accept it, talk to the people around you and take time to mourn. After that, seek the help of an expert to gain the courage you need to continue with your life. The healing might not be instant, but you will get healed with time.

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