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Tools to Help You Get A’s – 2024 Guide

Educational institutions are undoubtedly the most precious to our society; without education man would not have conveyed written language across the globe, nor would our industry have reached such staggering heights over the last century. The written word has caused wars, instigated bloodshed, and perfectly described the intricacy to which every aspect of the world is inherently beautiful. Education is the future for our youth and the only hope in making the world a bright, better, and more forgiving place; written word carries the atrocities of man, and on the other side of the coin, carries his acts of kindness.

If we all focused more on education, on learning, then the world would be an entirely forgiving and just place – unfortunately that is not so for past generations, which is why future generations must understand the utmost importance of achieving grades that will carry them to places they would never achieve without grades to indicate their understanding and acceptance of the importance of education. The grade of your exams will define the rest of your life; many students strive to achieve A grades, seldom actually achieve it. By utilizing these tools you will be able to achieve that A grade you desire!

Online Calculators

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Online calculators have a vast array of potential benefits. Often mathematics is the one subject that can cause a lot of trouble for students; the topic of mathematics is enough to make any potential graduate shudder, even the most experienced. Writing coursework is every students nightmare, solving mathematical problems in addition to that can be torturous; manual mathematical calculations are a thing of the past, which is why this site was created, so you have a high quality online calculator that can be referred to every single time your studies begin to falter. The aforementioned calculator can ease the burden of struggling with tough arithmetic and make your math experience much easier.

Online Grammar Tools

Thankfully as with online calculators came grammar tools that operate largely in the same way. Often many students suffer with dyslexia, a condition that makes recognizing sequences of letters and punctuation marks very difficult. Tools have been formulated, such as Grammarly, which exist solely to alleviate the burden of tough sentence structures. All you have to do is type the sentence and Grammarly will immediately correct spelling mistakes and grammatical infractions.

Mind Maps and Planning Tools

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Time management can be a big problem when it comes to achieving the most from your studies. There are, however, ways around the problem. There are many productivity apps on the web that are created to help students make the most of their time.

  • Synap

Synap is an application that can retain huge amounts of information in really short intervals. It is based on ‘Spaced Repetition’ which is a technique used to help the human brain and cognitive system with retaining huge amounts of information.

  • Penultimate

Penultimate is an application you can use to record your lectures; it is an award-winning application. It will record your lectures and scribe them for you, so you do not have to lift a finger! When you are a student it can be very difficult to feed yourself, and as previously mentioned maintaining a healthy diet is imperative to succeeding in your studies. This is where the MindMap application steps in – mind maps can boost productivity by 30%. By helping you to organize your thoughts and arrange your day you will be left with more time to study. It can also be used similarly to the last application mentioned by recording your lectures, although it will not scribe them for you.

With these tools you will be able to study more efficiently, and you will have more time to arrange your studies appropriately around your schedule.

Tools for Taking Notes

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Oftentimes in the 21st century note taking via pen and paper has become redundant. Many online services offering scribing have cropped up in the last few years; the essential idea is that you speak into the microphone and the service will scribe everything you are saying. This can be very beneficial for students who are struggling with the innumerable notes they have to take. With these tools they can speak notes and have it immediately transcribed.

How Else Can I Study Effectively Without Using Applications?

  • Keep Momentum in Your Studies!

Education will without a shadow of a doubt carry you to heights unimaginable if you apply yourself and apply techniques and strategies that are designed to get you the best grade. A good grade is by no means out of the realm of possibility, no matter how much you doubt yourself, or how poor your previous educational body has been, you can and will achieve the highest of the high if you apply yourself in ways you have not in the past. It is unfathomable to suggest anyone should not be able to accomplish an A* if they were to thoroughly study, use study techniques, and keep their body healthy and their mind clean.

Of course, we have all heard that drinking water during an exam makes us function more properly, well, the same goes for when you are studying. If your body is tired, over exerted, and dehydrated then it is indicative of somebody who is more than likely going to falter at the last hurdle. You must stagger yourself. The history books are full of starry-eyed young adults who hardly sleep during their revision, then on the day of the exam crash as if they had been awake for months and fail miserably, carrying their poor grades like a cross on their back for the rest of their lives.

It is not recommended by anybody to live with regrets, so you must thoroughly as previously mentioned apply yourself to every aspect of the studying process and see yourself through to the final hurdle and make it over without a hitch.

  • Make Your Revision Worthwhile!

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This cannot be stressed enough. There are innumerable occasions that in which a student is revising the wrong thing, then come the final exam they fail miserably. A recent anecdote that comes to mind is a girl who was told not to revise a specific subject as the exam board was unlikely to include that question, then on the day of the exam that subject came up in her paper. She failed, of course. You must stay on top of everything and make sure you are prepared for every twist and turn, for if you are not it is very likely at the last minute something you least expected will come up and surprise you and bite you on the backside.

Part of making your revision worthwhile is the practice of revising every subject no matter how impertinent it may seem, for it would be ridiculous to spend your days in perpetual revision then for the final paper to not even include what you have been revising, rather a subject you neglected to pay attention to. Can you imagine the misery?

Notwithstanding, you must persevere, keep your head up, and squeeze the situation for as much as you can. Your education and your grades will define how the rest of your life plans out, and if you do not apply yourself and get the most of it you will regret it in years to come.

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