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The Dream Net Worth 2024

The Dream is globally known to be a recognized singer, songwriter and he is also a famous record producer in the USA. One of his best accomplishments in life is the winning of the BET Award as the best artist and this happened in 2008.

Personal Life

The Dream

The birthplace of the Dream is Rockingham, which is a town in North Carolina. He was born in 1977 as Terius Youngdell Nash. Together with his mother, he had to move when he was only two years old, and he moved with his mother to Atlanta. His first touch with music took place when he was attending his elementary school since he learned how to play the trumpet. After this, he learned to play two additional musical instruments, i.e. the drums and the guitar.


It should be mentioned that he lost his mother at the age of fifteen, i.e. in 1992, and this left a mark on him and his life. This event was a great source of inspiration for him in terms of his songwriting and singing.  It should be also noted that he himself stated that the death of his mother made him “weak” to women and their issues, and that this is the reason why he fights for gender equality and why there are so many issues about this in the songs he sings and produces. It should be mentioned, that this is one of the topics in a song called Umbrella that is performed by Rihanna and it was written by The Dream.


After the death of his mother, Terius was left to live with his grandfather who was also a great influence in his life since he installed a great sense of work ethic in Terius and taught him how important working is.


2001 was on of the most important years in The Dream’s professional career since this is the year when he first met Laney Stewart, who is an R&B producer. It should be also noted that it was Terius who made B2K’s song called Pandemonium, included in Everything album, and that this was the turning point for him since it was the time when Laney Stewart realized his potential and helped Terius to get a publishing contract.

That was the moment The Dream was born and he then prepared songs for various recognized artists in the USA. It should be mentioned that he was the co-author of Me Against Music that was performed by Britney Spears and included in her album called In the Zone.

2007 saw the signing of the contract between The Dream and Def Jam Recordings. The production was started on his first independent album that was called Love Hate and his co-worker on this one was Tricky Stewart a well as Los da Mystro.

We should also mention that The Dream also released his individual mixtape called Royalty in the summer of 2014. This mixtape has seven songs in total and the most popular ones are Outkast and Pimp C Lives. The mixtape was free.

He also made a song for T-Pain but stated that he would prefer working with Kanye West.


There are a lot of awards that he won, but the most popular one is definitely BET Award that he won in 2008 in the category Best New Artis. Next year, in 2009, he also won another BET award in the category Hop Awards Viewer’s Choice for the song Fabulous.

Net worth

The Dream

The Dram is currently estimated to be 12 million USD worth. He has several ways of earning money, and the most important is singing, songwriting and record production. The vast majority of the money he earned came from writing songs for others, and he collaborated with many famous performers of our time, such as Britney Spears, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Beyonce, etc.

One of the best earning of The Dream happened in 2015 when he made a lot of money from the sales of Rihanna’s Umbrella. He claimed to have earned about 15 million USD, but the analysis showed that his earning actually were somewhere in-between 600,000 USD and 1.5 million USD. It should be also added that he was not in the condition to pay taxes in 2007.

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