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The Best 3 Ways to Approach Your Divorce Dispute Resolution

If you are going through a marital separation with your ex-partner, then you may have considered engaging in divorce dispute resolution so that you can address any lingering points of contention like child custody and property settlement. If you are unable to reach a mutually agreeable arrangement via this process, the matter may need to be heard by a judge in an expensive courtroom process that could leave you with next to nothing and your ex with a lot.

It is in your best interest to make sure your divorce dispute resolution carries on unhindered and is taken seriously by both sides. It is well understood that arrangements reached via this process are, on average, much longer-lasting since both parties feel as though they got the best compromise possible.

Therefore, you should try to approach the divorce dispute resolution process with the following in mind so that it can be as effective and painless as possible.

1. Have a cooperative attitude

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Going into any type of negotiation with a confrontational and uncooperative attitude is going to backfire on you no matter what the context is. There’s really no point engaging in divorce dispute resolution if you go in with an adversarial attitude that’s determined to ‘win’ something against your ex rather than find the best path forward for you and any children you may share.

When you and your ex both are able to be mature enough to sit down and, despite your differences, work towards a mutually agreeable outcome – the whole process is much smoother. Often, finding common ground in your shared concern for the future of your children is the best place to get things started in the right direction.

2. Trust your family lawyer

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Naturally, you will likely have your personal family lawyer on your side as a close ally during this negotiation process. Keep in mind that your ex will likely also have their own family lawyer counseling them as well.

If you don’t listen to the counsel of your family lawyer, you’re basically going in blind. The best strategy is the formulate a plan of action with your lawyer so that you are on the same page before entering divorce dispute resolution.

If you don’t take the advice of the experts you engage in, you won’t have much hope of success. If they are telling you to make a deal because it’s the best possible one you can get, they are probably correct.

According to O’Sullivan Mediation, Second-guessing your lawyer’s expertise during the divorce dispute resolution just because you think you can get away with more may jeopardize the entire process and leave you with nothing. As with anything, know when to quit.

3. Be punctual and organized

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It will look bad if you turn up to the negotiation late or with a disheveled appearance and a lack of organization. If you clearly look less in control of your life than your ex, they will have much more leverage over you during the divorce dispute resolution process.

Make sure you don’t give anyone an excuse to doubt your sincerity about engaging with the process and make sure you are always arriving on time. Show your ex that you are taking the process seriously and that you want to resolve it in an efficient and ethical way. Even if your ex really despises you, they will be more cooperative if you exude a clam and organized aura.

There you have it, some helpful tips for if and when you need to go through a divorce dispute resolution with your ex.

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