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Tay Zonday Net Worth 2024 – A Versatile Personality

Tay Zonday is a very versatile person, he is an actor, musician, voice actor, singer, comedian, YouTube personality, and announcer. He became popular overnight, with his song “Chocolate Rain” which was released in 2007. As of 2017, the song has more than 110 million views on YouTube. Let us present you with his short biography and his net worth. Buckle up, and let`s go.

Personal Life

Tay Zonday`s real name is Adam Nyerere Bahner. He was born on the sixth of July 1982 in Minneapolis. Both of his parents were school teachers. He comes from a half African-American background. He has two siblings, who are older than him. He is single, and the public doesn`t have any information about his previous relationship. Also, there weren`t any rumors about it either.


Because of these facets, some rumors about him being gay emerged in the public. Maybe he is just a very private person, who knows. But the fact is, he never confirmed nor denied these theories about his sexuality. In 2004, he finished his education at The Evergreen State College. Later, she attended Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy. However, at a certain time, he decided to drop out of this school.


His music career started in 2007 in his hometown, when he started playing with a local band. He became one of the most popular YouTube personalities while he was at his graduate studies. Pretty soon, he will become so popular, that he will appear in a significant number of tv shows. He appeared in “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, “Tosh.0.”, “Best Week Ever”, “Attack of the Show”, “Lily Allen and Friends”, and “Maury”.

He has a YouTube channel that is called “TayZonday”. It had around one million subs as of 2017, today maybe even more, and more than two billion views combined. His videos are about imitating, acting, voiceovers, and comedy. However, his videos who feature him singing are something that made him popular all over the United States.

His breakthrough move was recording the song called “Chocolate Rain”, that was released in 2007, and talked about racism in the United States. He recorded this song when he was only twenty-five years old. He performed this song on various tv shows like “Lily Allen and Friends”. Tay Zonday appeared on comedy central and other tv station commercials.


Recently, he worked as a voice actor. He was a part of the crew who worked on the multimedia presentation that was funded by NASA, because of NASA`s fifty years anniversary. Plus, he worked as a voice actor in “Robot Chicken of Adult Swim”. Tay Zonday earned numerous awards in YouTube`s music category.

Net Worth

The majority of Tay Zonday`s $500 thousand wealth has been made from his YouTube channel. Other than that, he worked on several movies and tv shows. As we know, he is a musician too, plays bass guitar, and he is a singer. His acting skills were credited as exceptional. He participated in various Hollywood movies. His best-known movie is “I Want My Three Minutes Back”, released in 2008.

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