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Learn to Manage Humans and Robots in the Workplace 2024

With humans and robots working side by side in many industries, managers will soon have to deal with the two. What happens if a machine and human have an altercation? This is unlikely to happen. However, managers have to think about humans and robots co-existing productively in the workplace. Notably, …

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What Is Robotic Process Automation in 2024 and How Will It Transform Our Future

The earliest robots invented in the 50s by George Devol didn’t succeed when the inventor tried to sell his products to the industry. There is now a big change because robots are becoming an important trend for automation. Imagine, employees are involved in transferring data from one program to another. …

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Top 5 Robotics Events Coming up in the USA in 2024

As we are preparing for the upcoming decade, it is safe to say that we have improved, as a society, in every conceivable segment. And that applies to technology in particular. Thanks to the enhancements, we have managed to replace some run-of-the-mill jobs with robots and provide professions that require …

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