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8 Warning Signs You May Have A Testosterone Level Problem

Not many people think about testosterone. We all know the word, but many don’t exactly understand what they are and do for us. It’s a hormone that everyone has in their body, although men tend to have much more of it than women. Primarily function is to keep all of …

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The Effects Sleep Apnea Has on Work Performance

If you struggle to breathe at night and wind up snoring, you will probably wake up frequently and your sleep quality will be poor when you are asleep. It is hard to perform your best without a good night’s sleep, thus sleep apnea can make your professional life much harder. …

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Top 3 Most Relaxing Sports For Reducing Stress

Modern life is hectic, and it is no wonder most people today feel stressed. A recent Gallup study paints a grave picture regarding stress levels in the U.S., the study says Americans top the list of the most stressed people in the world. Stress negatively impacts on your physical and …

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