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4 Reasons Why Is It So Hard to Pass a Case Interview

You can ask many questions during a job interview, but one lingers above all else: Why should we hire you? If you have ever been on a case interview, you already know this, and it is an essential question to be answered. Of course, throughout the interview, you’ll be asked …

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How to Follow Up After a Job Interview

You’ve just left an interview for the job of your dreams. You feel excited, a little exhausted, but mostly, you’re relieved. You can finally relax. You answered each question with confidence, and you exhibited outstanding communication skills. However, while the actual interview is now complete, the final part of the …

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What Does MECE Mean and How Do I Pronounce It?

Business life is full of acronyms, and MECE is one you will definitely bump into if you are studying business communications. Mutually Exclusive and Collectively Exhaustive (MECE), is a concept in management consultancy, and one you will meet regularly. We’ll cover what this means, but how do you pronounce it? …

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