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How to Set Up an Independent Cinema in 2024

Have you always wanted to set up your independent cinema? While there are plenty of large-scale cinema brands across the country, there is still an appetite for small, one-off screens, as film fans turned out to see both big-budget blockbusters and short, Australian indie movies in 2019. Should you be …

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Robert Kirby’s Net Worth 2024 – Personal life and Earnings

Robert G. Kirby

Personal Information Robert George Kirby is known for being the Co-Executive Chairman and Co-Chief Executive Officer of the board of the company Village Roadshow Limited. The first time he joined the board was in 1988. And he was reappointed in 2001. He went to college and he has a degree …

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Telugu Music: The Most Popular Artists and Songs of 2024

Playback singing in India first appeared somewhere around the year 1930 and since then has become a national tradition for most of the movies and has even influenced Hollywood to start using singers to pre-record their movie soundtracks. Because of Bollywood’s popularity, a lot of other film industries throughout the …

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Kung Fu Panda 4 – What We Know Till Today

Is everyone anticipating the release of Kung Fu Panda 4 like I do? Kung Fu Panda series has been a thriller and a fantastic show on our screens. And while we are waiting for the show, we can’t help but discuss what we know about it. There are many news …

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