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How to Properly Dispose of Your Electrical Wiring

Are you in the process of replacing, disposing, or recycling old electrical wiring and need help figuring out where to start? With growing concern over environmental impact and resources, knowing how to dispose of your electrical wiring properly can be complex. While it may seem impossible, just a few steps …

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How Does A Fused Disconnect Switch Differ From A Circuit Breaker?

Fused disconnect switches and circuit breakers perform similar functions; in most cases, they are interchangeable. However, in some situations, one is preferred over the other, and this post shows you the differences that may make one a suitable option. Significant issues might arise when electrical systems get exposed to loads …

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Small Appliance Repair – DIY 2024 tips

Every once and a while some of your household appliances can break down and cause inconvenience; this can be due to some kind of malfunction, poor handling or other. Once this occurs your first impulse will be to call a repairman. But, maybe they cannot reach you in a short …

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