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Need a Job? 8 Things to Do if You Have a Criminal Record

Job hunting is stressful and could be more difficult if you have a criminal record. Most employers usually demand a background check, so even if you lie about your past, their investigator will uncover it for them. Meanwhile, many people are in this same predicament if you are wondering if …

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How To Find A Long Lost Friend in 2024

As our lives constantly keep moving at a quick pace we usually find ourselves very far away from the places we have originally grown up in, a lot of us lose track of old colleagues, partners, and friends. It may not be intentional, but it always is heartbreaking, especially if …

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How To Find Criminal Records Online [2024 Guide]

There are so many situations where knowing someone’s criminal history could be the difference between life and death. There have been too many stories in the news recently where somebody trusted a person they’d met online, and it led to tragedy. For instance, a couple in Colorado were murdered recently …

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