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Alcohol Addiction, Lockdowns, and the Rising Costs of Living

Alcohol addiction is on the rise not just amongst adults, but also among children – especially during the isolation period of lockdown. In the UK, approximately 2.6 million kids live with a parent who drinks excessively. With easy access to alcohol, children are prone to adopting the habits of adults …

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Protecting the Health and Wellness of Older Loved Ones

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, more emphasis than ever is put on protecting older people’s health and wellness. Even in the absence of a health crisis, it’s vital to ensure that the elderly in your life are being cared for properly. Here are five key ways that you can …

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How is Digital Healthcare Transforming the Industry?

In a world where everything is evolving digitally, why should healthcare stay behind? Just like other industries, the healthcare industry is also growing faster and becoming more convenient than ever. Especially, in this COVID 19 pandemic, digital healthcare has become more like a necessity for a situation like this than …

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