Cosplay’s Tips for Protecting your Skin while Wearing Makeup

The cosplay makeup has to be pressed very thickly because of the necessary visual effects to be considered, and the oil-based cosmetics used can be very damaging to the skin, which may not be able to withstand the long hours of makeup and touch-ups. In order to protect our skin when applying makeup, I’ve collected some online tips for your reference.

Pay attention to the composition of the cosmetics used


A screw is worth a pot of soup, and certain ingredients in makeup can easily cause skin problems. In addition to checking the instructions, it is essential to try before you buy and to consult with a beauty consultant.

1.Beware of photosensitive substances in cosmetics, which can cause inflammation of the skin in sun exposure.

2. Some synthetic chemicals such as colors and fragrances can irritate the skin and cause pruritus and neurodermatitis.

3. Makeup containing heavy metals such as lead, chromium, cadmium, etc. will be absorbed by the skin and accumulate in the body, causing a toxic reaction.

4. Oily cosmetics should not be used in excess because the oil in them will absorb dust in the air, leading to the blockage of sweat glands and hair follicles, resulting in the reproduction of bacteria and causing folliculitis and acne.

Apply a barrier cream


A barrier cream is a cream that is used before applying makeup. Its main purpose is to make it easier for the skin to apply makeup, to spread it evenly, and to prevent it from coming off after application. This function is not only performed by barrier creams, but also by lotions or creams, which contain non-greasy and highly fat-soluble ingredients that better isolate makeup. So, for the sake of the health of your dear skin, you must use an isolation cream before applying make-up!

Choose sunscreen makeup


Sometimes we blame our makeup for the damage caused by UV rays as well. Skin under the sun is so fragile that it is common practice to use sunscreen first, but then to neglect the sun protection function of facial makeup. Lips, on the other hand, have little or no effective means of sun protection. Therefore, it is very important to have a sunscreen makeup series that protects against the sun’s harmful effects. Experts recommend that sunscreen makeup with an SPF of 15 is the most appropriate, because this value can isolate more than 90% of UV rays and does not put a great burden on the skin. If you can combine it with anti-aging vitamins and a special moisturizing ingredient, it will not only protect your skin from the sun, but also give it a long-lasting care.

Do not let the eyeliner to stimulate the eyes


Many ophthalmologists have warned against drawing eyeliner too close to the surface of the eye within the lash line. Because of the risk of inadvertent eye injury, and because of the risk of infection from unintentional contact with the surface of the eye with eyeliner tools or supplies, especially if the tools have not been cleaned. From the point of view of the cosplay stage and photographic effects, eyeliner drawn inside the lash line serves no real purpose at all. It’s too close to the eye, which makes the eye look smaller, and it’s easy to get residual eyeliner in the corners of the eye, so cosplay makeup is meant to make the eye look bigger, so wear it outside the lashes.

Eyelash primer


People often apply false eyelashes directly, but never put protection on their real eyelashes! Eyelash stickers contain a lot of chemicals that can harm our real eyelashes. In fact, the eyelashes are like hair, the surface of each root is covered with layers of hair scales, before putting on false eyelashes with special care products to prime the eyelashes, not only can help fill the void between the scales but also can protect the eyelashes from external damage when rubbing.

Remove makeup


Mention makeup removal in almost every post because it’s so important. Makeup removers must be used in the following two situations.

  1. Apply foundation, colored makeup, such as lipstick, eye shadow, blush, etc., whether it is heavy or light.
  2. use sunscreen, barrier creams (especially those with skin-correcting properties).

Although the same makeup remover, there are a variety of different properties and uses, can be broadly divided into the following five categories: makeup remover water, makeup remover, makeup remover oil, makeup remover cotton, eye and lip special makeup remover. I believe that we all have some understanding of their respective characteristics I will not start to introduce.

Clean makeup case


Makeup for cosplay often requires all kinds of makeup, so I’m sure your cosplay kit is a mess, right? Frequent cleaning of your makeup case will minimize the possibility of damage.

  1. avoid using long-lasting lipsticks, which make your lips feel drier.
  2. eliminate products that are older than two years, and even more so those with odors.
  3. throw away brushes whose bristles have begun to fall out and used puffs or sponges.
  4. liquid cosmetics should be eliminated if sediment is found.
  5. eliminate products that you have not used in the last 6 months, even if they are beautiful colors that you have been reluctant to use. Because you never had a chance to use it before, and you will hardly ever use it in the future.

6.Some colors may be too light or unobtrusive for your skin tone, so please eliminate them as well.

  1. use with caution products with strong shimmery ingredients.

When there are suspicious signs of redness, pimples, and peeling, we should think about whether we’re using the wrong cosmetics or if we’ve been wearing makeup for too long, both of which can have serious consequences for our skin. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the above seven points when applying makeup, and we hope that every cosplayer will take good care of their skin. If you’re worried about getting your cosplay costumes ready, check out Cosplaylab, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the products on Cosplaylab, both in terms of quality and in terms of price.

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