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Why do People Love Pencil Pleat Curtains?

In the world full of various curtains styles, the purchase process seems a difficult task. From such a wide variety, it becomes difficult to decide which style or type you should go for? The main styles of curtains comprise eyelet, pencil pleat, pinch pleat, and tab top. In this article, we will take a close look at the pencil pleat curtains and tell you where & how you can add them.

Pencil pleat is a heading style featuring fine pencil-like pleats at the top. These are a great choice to create an elegantly formal feel. These are widely used as they are cost-effective & multi-purpose. They can be used everywhere its home, office, hotel, or the guest room & look fundamentally beautiful when added after consulting with some professionals. In pencil pleat, there are three different hanging positions normally defined by the three rows of string along with the hooks. These hooks are attached to the rings and can be hung from all types of heading either rod or track. One of the significant benefits of using these draperies is the pleats can be loosened or tighten as per the need. You can also flatten them completely for cleaning & daily maintenance.

What makes pencil pleat curtains loveable?

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Pencil pleat curtains are the indoor curtains. It’s not like they cannot be used casually, but they look well informal places like dining rooms, living rooms, and the guest room because of their opulent and elegant appearance. The way they are installed look very professional and create a perfect designer look. They are the subtle addition to your windows and make them look appealing.

They strike well with all the interiors and create a perfect balance between modern interiors and ideal accessories. They are versatile and complete the search of so many people who are looking for equally formal as well as casual curtains. Moreover, they are incorporated with various designs, color schemes, and fabric material.

They create an effortless chic as well as a formal look that fascinates the viewers. They look pretty either they are opened or closed & create a uniform appearance. Moreover, these can be customized according to the measurement of one’s window. Depending on your privacy, light, and temperature needs, you can choose between the various fabric materials and color schemes. You can add a layered pencil pleat curtain as well and used the different panels for day and night uses according to the need. This way, like these pencil pleat curtains, allow you to control the amount of light, noise, and privacy.

Pencil pleat curtains in the neutral shades blend well with the interior without overpowering any of the features of your place. They come in all verities i.e., embroidered, plain, printed (floral, paisley, jacquard, and 3D), & jacquard. A touch of embroidery and patchwork makes them look expensive and elegant as well as top quality. Some of these come with blackout properties, & you can rely on them to block the light and noise, save energy, protect privacy, reduce electricity bills, and provide thermal insulation.

Which places suit best for pencil pleat drapes?

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Pencil pleat is a popular and spectacular heading style when it comes to window draperies. They have maintained a special place and superiority over other styles since they were first introduced. But it doesn’t mean you can add them anywhere without determining either they’ll fit best to your space or not. Although pencil pleat refers to a heading style only, this small thing dramatically impacts the overall look of your place. As indicated by the name, they have several pencil-like pleats at the top creating neat and uniform row like patterns leading to a delicate and smooth drape all the way coming down, creating ripples just like the ones on the surface of a pond. This makes them ideal for sunrooms or the places having large glass windows where the sun shines brightly and fill the place with natural light.

Many stylists and manufacturers believe that these drapes are old-fashioned when compared with other heading styles, such as eyelet. They argue that this heading brings back the classic era where no metal rings were needed for hanging the curtains to rod rather strings were used. They also agree that these curtains look well in the places with traditional interior and accessories and old properties having wide, spacious, & sun-basking rooms.

So, if your place has a traditional interior, these pleated curtains are a good go-to. The greater the number of pleated, the more sophisticated and traditional look they will create. So the place having a modern interior, thickly these pleated & heavy drapes do not suit because the more the pleats are, the more old-fashioned they’ll look ruining the contempt of the place. It is necessary to consult a professional before adding them to your modernly designed places. To learn more about pencil pleat curtains, visit here.

How to hang the pencil pleat curtains?

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Pencil pleats curtains seem difficult to hang, but with the basic guide, this seemingly tough task can become more comfortable. To hang them appropriately, you need the following accessories:

A few sturdy brackets, rod, hooks, and the rings.

  • To hang them, spread the curtain on a uniform place and turn the curtain from the head side. Here you’ll find 3 strings coming out from three different holes. These strings are meant to create the pleats and adjust the width of the curtains according to your window.
  • Tie all the three strings together from one side and give it bow shape. Hold the tied side tight with one of your hands and then pull it from the other side, with the other hand, pull it until the curtain finishes. Now measure the width of your window and adjust the curtain accordingly & tie the strings on the other end as well.
  • Once, you’ve created the desired look put the hooks into the slots on the backside of the header at a distance of three inches. Attach these hooks with the rings of the rod.

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