4 Reasons Why You Need Barware for Your Homes

Many people do not realize that barware collections are manufactured with the aim that they will be purchased by bars and restaurants as well as modern homeowners. But here comes the question, why does a modern home need barware? Isn’t ordinary drinkware or glassware not enough? And the answer is that barware is ideal for homes with mini bar counters or large home bars. Even those homeowners willing to introduce a separate bar counter at their homes must be looking for a barware set.

A barware is an exquisite collection of tall or short glass, jiggers, bar spoons, shakers, single and double wall ice buckets, and many other accessories necessary for measuring and mixing liquors. Therefore, every modern home that needs a mini bar must also have barware to make and serve drinks like a professional bartender.

Understanding The Use Of Barware

A barware set is going to be a unique collection you have ever purchased so far. There will be equipment that you have never seen or heard of before, so there is a need to understand the function of each bar equipment. When setting up a bar counter at home, intending to make beautiful drinks like vibrant cocktails and serve them to your family members and guests, you need some equipment professionals to use. If you want that level of perfection that bartenders offer, a barware set will help you achieve that.

So, barware consists of bar essentials like shakers, jiggers, muddlers, bar spoons, strainers, different types of peelers, knives, and juice presses, which are essential for making cocktails with fruits and fruit juices.

The purpose of the barware set is to help take adequate measurements, shake the liquors appropriately, stir and strain them, and serve them aesthetically. Making a beautiful Margarita or Martini is no less than an art; this bar equipment makes the process smooth.

Barware sets also include different types of glasses where the cocktails are served. You may have succeeded in making a cocktail, but if you pour it into an ordinary glass, it is against the aesthetics, and you would not want to do that after all that hard work. Therefore, barware sets can help any inexperienced person into a professional.

What To Expect In A Barware Collection

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What to expect in your barware collection is still a big confusion. To make sure this is also not the case for you, here are the bar equipment you must be expecting when you have ordered barware sets:

Wine Cooler Or Ice Bucket

The purpose of a wine cooler or an ice bucket is very simple; it stores ice and keeps the bottles cold. Especially on the days of summer, everyone desires chilled drinks, and a wine cooler or an ice bucket helps fulfill that desire. These buckets are not ordinary; they are thick-walled and can retain cold temperatures long.

Shaker And Jigger

A shaker resembles a large steel glass with a cap, and that is where the liquor is mixed. All the ingredients are added and shaken, and the final results are poured into the glass. There is one thing to note, not all drinks are made in shakers, so there is a substitute known as a mixing glass. In comparison, some barware collections include a mixing glass, and others do not. If not, you can also use the body of the shaker as a mixing glass.

Jigger is a small bar equipment that is used for measuring liquors. A perfect cocktail is one where the ingredients are proportionate, and a jigger plays a significant role.

Bar Spoons Or Mixing Spoons

Some drinks do not require mixing; they require stirring, so a bar or a mixing spoon comes into use. But how different is a bar spoon from an ordinary one? The specialty lies in their stems or holds; the stems of these spoons are the longest so that they can reach the bottom of mixing glasses or tall glasses.

Three types of bar spoons are available in the market, one American and the other Japanese and European. The functions of all three spoons are the same, with a slight difference in their shapes and designs.

Muddler And Strainer

A muddler is generally used for crushing herbs and fruits to enhance the flavor of a drink; sometimes, it is also used to crush ice. On the other hand, the job of the strainer is as usual; it strains these muddled fruits, peels, or herbs and helps pour in a smooth cocktail. Because honestly, no one would love to bite a mint stem or a lime seed while sipping their drinks.

Juice Press And Zester

A juice press squeezes fruit juices, particularly lemons, limes, and oranges. A zester helps in extracting zest from citrus fruits like lemons and oranges. Zester helps enhance the flavor of a drink; it intensifies the aroma and taste.

Tall, Shot, Stemmed, And Short Glass

Glasses play a vital role in barware sets. A cocktail glass is very different from a tequila glass; its difference lies in size and shape. Hence, every drink you serve needs a different kind of glass, a tequila needs a shot glass, and while serving wine, you need a stemmed glass.

4 Reasons Why Barware Is Essential

After understanding what to expect in barware collections, if there is still hesitation about whether you should buy it or not, here are four good enough reasons to help you decide:

  • Barware sets teach you the art of making and serving pleasant drinks. With practice, you can become a master because it is not a tough thing to do (unless you want to juggle bottles like a bartender).
  • You will always be sure of measurements. Wrong measurements can spoil the taste of your drinks.
  • You can get experimental with the right set of equipment.
  • You no longer have to pay for expensive drinks at bars because you can make one yourself.

Final Thoughts

When you introduce barware sets at home, you not only enhance the aesthetics of your home bar but also discover a newfound hobby. Making beautiful drinks, particularly cocktails, like bartenders, is no less than art, and when you practice that at home, you get better and better. Eventually, you can impress your loved ones with your cocktail-making skills and thank heavens secretly for making you purchase that exquisite barware.

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