5 Must-Buy Australia Souvenirs for Your Loved Ones

Do you remember all those wonderful, sometimes strange little things you got from dear people returning from their distant travels? We are sure that your place is full of the fridge magnets, T-shirts, and bags with the names of cities your friends and family members visited. You probably still have figurines and postcards from exotic destinations. And you really enjoyed all the sweets your friends brought from around the world, didn’t you? We all got some of those and they regularly put a smile on our faces when our eyes meet them around the house. Except for the sweets, of course.

There is something specific for each country that adorns it and that is unique. Cultures are different, people live differently, and it is a great experience to take the role of a local, at least shortly, and discover the habits and rituals of a visited culture. When the travel comes to an end, we want to preserve and share that tiny bit of magic we have experienced by buying souvenirs and taking tons of photos.

In this text, we will help you pick some of the most attractive gifts one can get when visiting the country of kangaroos and koalas. The wild, beautiful Australia! Australia is the 6th largest country in the world. The country’s name originates from the Latin word Australis, which means “from the south”. This country and a continent at the same time are surrounded by three oceans: South, Pacific, and Indian. Its capital is neither Sydney nor Melbourne – it is called Canberra. The island of Tasmania, well-known because of the chaotic cartoon character also belongs to the territory of Australia.

The reasons to visit this country are plentiful and tourists are most often attracted by its natural wonders, wildlife, and divine beaches; impossible to find anywhere else. Naturally, the twinkling lights of the big cities offer a rich cultural and entertaining life. You will have the opportunity to enjoy modern but also more traditional architecture. Visits to the Sydney Opera House, Australia Square Tower, and the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne are a definite must. When it comes to nightlife, the choice is endless. For easier navigation and some great recommendations, visit Kev’s Best, where you will get handpicked suggestions for restaurants, Spas (if you get tired of long walks), or even a hospital if you need medical help.

We have no doubt that visiting Australia will be quite an adventure, but what about those gifts that you will give to your loved ones upon your return? We have a couple of interesting ideas.

1. Australian wine


Without encouraging anyone to necessary to consume alcohol, a bottle of wine is an unmistakable gift. For adults, of course. If someone is not a big fan of wines, they can still use it to prepare culinary specialties. Australia is very famous for its wonderful wines and is the fourth biggest wine producer in the world. This is an ideal way for your dear person to taste of what this beautiful country has to offer.

2. The opal gemstone


Australia is also known for its wealth of precious and semiprecious stones. Opal is one of the most popular stones. It is a white stone that refracts in the light and projects a wide range of fascinating colors. It symbolizes good relations between people. It is used in gemstone therapy because it purifies energy. You can wear it as an amulet or keep it as a decoration in the bedroom to improve relaxation and the mind-body balance. Still, this is a little more than a souvenir because they are not cheap, but there are people who don’t save money on gifts. If you appreciate your friends but are not able to spend a fortune to make them happy, you can always buy semi-precious stones or their imitations and they are not unimpressive at all!

3. Koalas and kangaroos plush figurines


How in the world someone can resist them? The young ones will be happy to receive them, but the adults will be touched, too. These little things are perhaps the best association to Australia and you simply can’t go wrong with them. Remember, a souvenir doesn’t have to be expensive to let someone know that you care and think of them. These figurines can also serve as a beautiful bookshelf decoration.

4. Boomerang


Although very popular in Europe and North America, they are still considered a landmark of Australia. Originally, the Aborigines used them as hunting weapons. Boomerangs are used for the purpose of playing, but also as a musical instrument. Most of the boomerang types return when they are thrown, but there are also those that do not have this characteristic. Interestingly, they are made for left-handers. Nowadays you can even take part in organized boomerang throwing competitions. They are interesting gifts but they also require careful handling. Boomerangs come in a great variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. They are made of wood, although in the past animal bones were used for their production. They are usually decorated with marvelous tribal drawings.

5. Ugg boots


Did you know that these famous boots originate from Australia? Known all over the world and very popular for their simplicity and comfort, they can be found on the feet of many women nowadays. The boots are produced in various colors and often with small design modifications. Many manufacturers tried to replicate them, but the real ugg boots come with natural fur and the recognizable logo on the back. These boots will be a great gift for everyone who appreciates warmth and comfort when picking shoes. They are a popular choice of celebrities which further contributes to their global popularity.

We hope you will find our suggestions and insights useful. Whatever gift you decide on, people will be glad knowing you thought of them, so don’t worry too much. After all, the best gifts are the stories and adventures you will share with them as well as photos of the distant places you visited. Have a nice trip!

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