Common Mistakes that all Newbie RV Campers Make

It is unavoidable that you make some mistakes and miscalculations in your very first RV camping trip. However, it would be best if you were not afraid of committing some because that is where and how you learn. Furthermore, mistakes are often the best teachers, that is, according to James Anthony Froude. So explore more and experience new things, and discover what’s ahead of you.

Importance of planning before going on a camping trip


Though it is forgivable to commit mistakes in your RV camping trip since it is still your first time, you can prevent these unfortunate events from happening if you plan everything well enough. Drafting the things you want to do, making meal plans, and calculating your budget will spare you from troubles and headaches during your vacation.

First time RV camping common mistakes


Below is a list of typical yet important things newbie RV campers usually forget to consider before traveling. Make sure to remember each so you will not commit the same mistakes as them when you go on your first RV camping trip soon.

Overpacking or underpacking

Overpacking means overloading your RV with lots of stuff that is useless on the trip. It may be because you are too excited for your vacation, or you only want to pack more in anticipation that you might use those things unexpectedly. On the other hand, underpacking is another mistake that newbie campers can’t help but make. It can lead to undesired headache and trouble that may turn your supposed relaxing vacation into a disaster.

To avoid carrying too much stuff and crowding your RV, create a checklist of your necessities. Limit the quantities of what you bring, but not too much as it may cause underpacking.

Insufficient foods and drinks


It is a big problem if it turns out that the food and drinks you brought are not enough. It is even a bigger misfortune if your selected campground is far from convenience stores. That’s why we suggest that you prepare ahead for your meals so that you will have enough food and drinks supply for your entire vacation.

Failure to make a reservation

Nothing is more annoying if you are very excited about your very first RV camping trip, but when you arrive at the campground, you’ll see signage showing “full capacity.” You realize you forgot to place a reservation. Finding another site to camp is very inconvenient, yet you are still unsure if there is any available slot for walk-in campers like you. Be mindful of having it done before you go camping, so all your preparation efforts will not go to waste.

The cluelessness on some RV parts and controls


If you don’t understand some of your RV’s parts and features and proceed to camp already, then you cannot make the most of it. To avoid such, be sure to test drive your RV first and familiarize yourself with its controls so you will have a smooth and safe journey towards your destination.

Not creating a checklist

Your vacation will surely be chaotic if you made the mistake of not creating a list of what things to bring and whatnots. So make sure to outline a list of necessities as a part of your preparation if you don’t want to go on an irritating camping trip because you forgot to pack some important things.

Wrong clothes and gears


Bringing the wrong clothes and gears is one of the most common mistakes of first-time campers since they have a limited idea of what’s out there. To prevent that from happening, do research about your chosen campgrounds and know their amenities and offers. This way, you can assure yourself that the stuff you brought will be appropriate and useful. can be of great help in these situations.

Not considering road vertical clearance

One of the most avoidable new RV campers’ mistakes is not considering the road vertical clearance that damages the RV itself. Before using your RV, make sure you know its clearance height to avoid that kind of road accident.

Parking on an unlevel ground


Because first time campers are still new to pulling off their RVs on campgrounds, they tend to park them in the unlevel ground. This mistake is tolerable if you are fine with staying and sleeping in an uneven place. But to remind you, it can cause damage to your refrigerator and makes it hard to cook. So as much as possible, look for an area with an even surface so you will not have to deal with this problem.

Unprepared for the weather

It isn’t very pleasing if you prepare yourself for outdoor activities, but it suddenly rains when you arrive at the campsite. That is probably because you didn’t look up the weather forecast for the duration of your trip before traveling. Securing your vacation dates to be on a hot, sunny day is necessary unless rainy day camping is your cup of tea.

Not having mosquito repellents


Mosquitoes, wasps, and bugs are always present in the middle of the night, waiting for anybody to bite. Most campers forget that, so they forget to bring mosquito repellents. So if you want to stay outside your RV during the nights of your vacation before sleeping, make sure that mosquito repellents are included in your must-haves list.

Negligence of the camping etiquettes

Because newbie campers are not yet aware of camping etiquette, they might be unable to follow some of the rules and regulations, especially those unspoken etiquettes. The rules include not parking very near a fellow camper if there are so many other vacant spaces, not playing loud music or talking loud during quiet hours, and not throwing wastes just anywhere.


After you are done reading this article, we hope you now have ideas of the things you should keep in mind before planning your first RV camping escapade. Because, why not try to do it right the first time when you know that you actually can?

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