Make this Valentine’s Day Memorable for your Fiancee

Courtship period is considered the best period of one’s life. It is a beautiful phase when you have already chosen your life partner and are enjoying the sublime essence of togetherness. It gives you the time to know each other as you are gearing up for a lifetime of companionship. Valentine’s Day gives you the opportunity to express your innermost feelings to your fiancee who is eagerly waiting to be the daily witness of your everyday life. As you embark on an exciting journey with someone, it is important to go an extra mile to make your partner feel the taste of the beautiful things that await in the days to come. Here are a few things you could do for your fiancee to make the last Valentine’s Day before marriage exciting and memorable.

Naming a star after your fiancee


This is a gift that your fiancee would have never expected in her wildest imagination. It is one of the heartfelt gifts that cannot be touched but can be felt from the bottom of the heart intensely. Naming a star after your significant other is not only romantic. It also depicts the eternity of love and life. With this thoughtful gift, you will be able to leave an indelible mark of your eternal love on the face of the universe. Even after life, your love for your fiancee will remain immortalised.

Write a handwritten letter


In this age of constant communication and digital razzmatazz, the value of handwritten letters is unfathomable. The lovers of the yesteryears penned their thoughts in an articulate manner and exchanged handwritten letters. This used to be the most commonly used medium of expression back then. The lovers of the 21 st century have not been able to perceive the beauty of handwritten letters. But what remains unparalleled is the emotion and passion behind the handwritten letters. Pour your heart out in the love letter to your fiancee and let the language of love cast its spell. She will be able to keep the handwritten letter with her forever and revisit it any time.

Give her a personalised photo frame featuring precious memories

The power of memories is unsurpassable. It can often make one realize the beauty of the time gone by. Memory is a unique avenue where time stands still. If you have spent considerable time together with your fiancee, gift her a personalised photo frame featuring a collage of the beautiful moments spent in togetherness. It will offer her a glimpse of your journey of love. She will walk down the memory lane and reminisce the precious moments of the past and eagerly wait to create new memories.

Choose a classic jewellery for her


Certain things are difficult to be expressed in words while certain things are better left unsaid. A suitable piece of jewellery for your partner can make your partner feel worthy and valued without the help of spoken words. Jewellery is often considered a woman’s best friend and truly serves as a timeless gift. Choose something that your partner will be able to wear everyday. Opt for a bracelet with hearts or a heart-shaped pendant featuring a romantic picture of you both. The magic of this classic gift is not ephemeral. Every time she wears this in future, it will remind her of this beautiful phase before marriage.

Take her out on a long drive and watch sunset together


The chaos surrounding us in an urban backdrop often drowns the melody of a free-flowing life. This Valentine’s Day, take out your fiancee for a long drive far away from the cacophony of the concrete jungle and enjoy the beauty of sunset. “ Every sunset brings a promise of new dawn”. The breathtaking sight of the sun setting at the horizon seems even more transfixing when you have your partner by your side. Witnessing various hues of the sky and its magical transitions during the golden hour with your love make you realize the beauty of life.

Take her to a music concert featuring her favourite musician


If you are planning to tie the knot with her soon, you must be well acquainted with her taste in music . Pay close attention to her taste in music and surprise her by taking her to a live concert featuring her favourite musicians. This will act as a bonding experience of a lifetime. While her favourite music will act as a catalyst to your romance, the experience in its entirety will portray the efforts you put in the relationship and make her beam with utmost happiness.

A day full of adventure sports

This Valentine’s Day take your fiancee out for a date that blends excitement, electrifying energy and adventures perfectly. Be it water rafting, bungee jumping, scuba diving or kayaking, taking up adventure sports together will bring you two closer and strengthen your bond. The experience will make you accept life in its throbbing impulses. If you or your partner is scared of certain heights or water, indulging in adventure sports together will help you face challenges together, rise above the odds and get rid of your fears.

Take her out for a candle light on a rooftop restaurant


As you look at the sky on a starry night and enjoy a candle light dinner together with your significant other, you feel like holding on to the moment forever. The combination of the soft glow of the candles, romantic music playing at the back and the ethereal glow of the night sky will give her a surreal taste of fairy tale romance. This dinner date will make you two delve deep in the world of unadulterated love and romance.

Though change is the only constant of life, certain memories stay with you forever. Even after years of marriage, your partner will fall back upon these memories. This Valentine’s Day, make memories that will not wither away in the sands of time. Even if you are far away from your fiancee on the grand day of love, you can make her feel special by sending her enthralling gifts through GiftstoIndia24x7, India’s premier gifting platform. It has revolutionised the concept of gifting. Click here for more, be it 24×7 customer support, user-friendly interface, same-day delivery, a diverse range for diverse tastes, it has all the features which make this platform a one-stop destination for your gifting needs. Send valentine gifts to India to your beloved and bring out the passionate lover in you.

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