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Mac Miller Net Worth 2024 – Life and Career

Mac Miller is one of the most famous hip-hop musicians in the USA and he became popular in a short time. 2012 was the crucial year for him since he released three songs and all three of them were hits not only in the USA but worldwide. Furthermore, this success in music brought him a lot of money. Apart from this, the quality of his music can be witnessed in 400,000 album copies that he sold. He earns money not only from singing but also from producing music.

Personal Life

Mac Miller was born as Malcolm James McCormick on the 9th January in 1992. He was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the USA. It needs to be added that he was born in a family of mixed origins since his mother was of Jewish origin and her name is Karen Meyers and his father is Mark McCormick and he is Christian.

His mother is a photographer while his father is an architect. His mother had a big influence on him, and she was the reason why he was raised as Jewish. However, he often jokes around that he is the “coolest Jewish rapper”.


Mac Miller

He was not a very good student, and he finished Winchester Thurston School. It should be added that he was more interested in sports than learning and that the reason why he joined the games club. He was not the only school he went to. After this one, he was enrolled at Taylor Allderdice High School and this was the time when his love for rapping started to have more and more influence on his life.

Love relationships

When he started to make songs and to rap, his biggest inspiration was his first love and their relationship. This inspired him to even make an entire album and to name it Macadelic. Regarding his girlfriend, she was his high-school love. They were in a relationship for more than four years and they split up in 2013.

Mac Miller and Ariana Grande

We should also note that Mac Miller worked a lot with Arianna Grande for some time. There have even be some rumors that the two of them were seeing each other and that they are even in a serious relationship. However, this has never been confirmed by any of the tow. However, it was not denied, either.


When he turned 14 he decided that he would seriously pursue a musical career and that he wanted to make for life from music. Before rapping, his first try was singing and he thus released an album called Macking Ain’t Easy in 2007. We should mention that he called himself EZ Mac at that time. In 2008 he decided to join Ill Spoken rap, a rap group, and they released an album called “how high”.

After this, he signed for Rostrum Studio, famous for working with Wiz Khalifa. His debut was in 2010 when he launched “K.I.D.S”, his very first rap album. After this, he released another album and he even released the 6th mixtape on the 29th March 2011.

He became known globally when he took part in “Moves Like Jagger” that was made by Maroon 5.

He never stopped to release mixtapes, and 2012, 2013, etc. saw the birth of some great mixtapes that he prepared. He even went further since he decided to make his record studio, which he did, and called it REM Music. The peak of his career happened when Warner Bros decided to sign him, and they did this for 10 million USD. This happened in 2014.

He even has his own show on MTV2 called Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family that started in 2013.


There are numerous awards that he won for rapping and producing. Apart from this, he also has numerous nominations for awards.

Net worth

We have already mentioned that he sold 400,000 album copies and this data speaks for itself. His mixtapes also brought him a lot of money as well as his work as a producer. His net worth is currently estimated at 12 million USD. The fact that he made it all by himself and by working hard, makes this success even greater.

Mac Miller died Friday, September 7, 2018, at his Los Angeles home. The apparent cause of death was a d**g overdose.

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