Les Twins Net Worth 2024 – French Brotherly Duo

Laurent and Larry Nicolas Bourgeois, or better known as Les Twins are a duo of producers, dancers, designers, choreographers, and models. For a certain amount of time, they served as ambassadors of a brand called “Eleven Paris”. Furthermore, they released a couple of songs that are featuring Laurent as an MC and Larry Nicolas as a singer.

They have stage names, “Ca Blaze” and “Lil Beast”. If you are interested in seeing more about the duo`s biography and net worth, stay with us for a couple more minutes.

Private Life

They were born on the sixth of December 1988, in a commune within a northern ghetto of France called Sarcelles. At their young age, they weren’t able to go to breakdance training, so they just observed other artists in their hometown, and by doing that, they acquired certain skills which they are displaying even today. Also, they learned some ballet in the process.

When they were twelve, they started performing in various musicals and concerts in their hometown and nearby ones. They were credited as a natural-born dance by WAD magazine. In 2005, they decided that they want to form a dancing group, and they recruited five other dancers and formed a group that was named “Criminalz Crew”.

According to them, their major inspiration comes from their coach Abibou Kebe, and Michael Jackson, which they observed and learned from. They have several siblings. Despite the two being twins, they can be effortlessly recognized because of different hairstyles and styles of clothing. Also, they have the tendency to wear wristbands and necklaces. Very often, they are described as fathers of new style hip-hop. Their unique style of dancing is called “Twins Style”.


At the beginning of their career, “Criminalz Crew” consisted of five members. In 2007, the whole crew performed at the Avignon Festival dance festival. A year later, they beat Joseph Go and Meech Onomo. They have become a French version of “Who`s Got Talent?” finalists. Their video, World of Dance, San Diego, became one of the most popular ones on YouTube. In 2011, they have won at Just Debout, and they accepted the offer from Beyoncé to accompany her on her tours.

That same year, they appeared on Cirque du Soleil, performed with Timbaland and Big Sean, and performed on Nippon TV. They were guests at Everybody Dance, which was held in Ukraine. Presently, they have a contract signed with NEXT Model Management in France`s capital. Paris. They won several world dancing competitions, the most notable one being World of Dance.

Net Worth

They accumulated the majority of their wealth from their dancing careers. Plus, they performed with some of the biggest stars in the world like Beyoncé, Missy Elliot, and Big Sean. Later in their careers, they became models and earned a significant amount of money from that work. As of 2024, their net worth is estimated at $5 million.

Maybe the key to their success the support they provide to each other. One thing is for certain, they are young, and they just began.

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