Ways to Keep Your Cryptocurrency Safe in 2024

Once the cryptocurrencies became widespread, many people started working with it – mining, buying, and trading. As it usually goes, there are those willing to take advantage of all the hard-working people. We’ve had numerous security breaches all over the world in recent years, making you want to protect your crypto. Hackers would do anything to get their hands on your cryptocurrency without having to work for it. This is why we have compiled this list of six ways to keep your cryptocurrency safe in 2024. If you follow these and find some in the process to add, your crypto should be safe and sound.

Beware of Browsers


This is not a joke. It is a fundamental and quite common mistake you make every day, but one you should avoid regarding your cryptocurrency. We are talking about one minor error, which could come from missing one letter. Yes, you heard it right. If you miss one letter while typing the address, you can find yourself on a phishing website. So, when you are trying to go to the website that deals with your crypto, be sure to type everything correctly. Furthermore, pay attention to HTTPS designations. If the S is missing, you are not at the right place, and your safety and security could be compromised.

Pick Your Wallet Carefully


The method is the same as with the regular wallets. You want a good one to keep your valuable currency safe. There are many cryptocurrency wallets available on the market, and you should look to select the one that is the best option for you. There are many options, but we’re going to run you through the basics of their existence.

For starters, you have hot wallets. This type is connected to the Internet, which makes them less safe as you could fall victim to hackers. Their advantage is that you are always online, and access to your cryptocurrencies is non-stop. Most exchange platforms offer these as a part of their basic offer.

The second type is cold wallets. These work offline, which makes the impossible to hack, and this could be what you’re looking for in a crypto wallet. For those who want all that extra security find this option most intriguing. You’ll find them in two forms, and those are paper wallets and hardware ones.

In the end, we have warm wallets. As you can guess, this option is a combination of the previous two. It has the best features of both worlds. It’s the option that’s most entertaining to most, because it is user-friendly, always online, but all of your valuables re kept in cold storage.

Select a Strong Password


When you get enough cryptocurrency on your name, you’ll want it stashed in your wallet. Most wallets you have on the market today require having a password. This is not a Facebook or Gmail password, not saying those are not important, but the one you should make extra carefully. Just as it is recommended, you should combine numbers, letters, and symbols. Be sure you pick the one not being used on any other platform and make it at least eight characters long. This is everything you have heard before, but it’s worth repeating. In accordance with this, we’re going to tell you not to use any personal information when creating your password. Also, no matter how much you trust your friends and family do not share this info with anyone.

Mobile Internet Before Public Wi-Fi


These days is customary that once you enter any establishment, you ask for a Wi-Fi password before ordering something to eat or drink. In most cases, there’s nothing sinister lurking behind this, but once you start working with crypto, be more careful. You can’t know to whom does that network belongs or is there anything to be worried about. Public networks are not secured in most cases, and this is a risk for the funds you have in your crypto wallet. If you must use public Wi-Fi, then you need to be sure your cryptocurrency is safe beforehand. When you start dealing with crypto, one of the essentials is to use trusted networks.

Check Websites, E-mails, And Texts


These days, hackers know all ways how to compromise you. They have mastered the method called phishing, which works on the principle that the best way to obtain someone’s passwords and codes is to get it from them. You probably think that you can’t be fooled this way, but through social engineering, it is possible.

Hackers will use any means possible. E-mails, texts, and social media platform messages are the best ways. What they do is to contact you pretending to be from the company you work with. In most cases they would contact you about a malfunction they need to fix, and for which they would need your user name and password. This development might seem naive to you, but they make sure that they look authentic as it gets to be sure to fool you that you are talking to your company. Because of all we said, we trust this could be a reason you should pick to cooperate with people such as those from, that offer great starting packages that newcomers should find reassuring.

Inspect Your Computer


Cyberattacks are sneaky as hell, and you won’t know you are under one until it’s too late. This is worrisome as even the big companies need time to discover and attack. It can also last up to six months to find out you are under a breach. This is why you are hardly able to tell that there’s something wrong as large conglomerates can detect it faster.

Luckily, monitoring your computer shouldn’t be too hard. People who want to use your computer to mine cryptocurrencies are going to slow it down. In addition, it would become warmer. This is not something you won’t notice. Once you see things like this one or your machine starts misbehaving, scan it for malware immediately.

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