If Loving You Is Wrong Season 6 Review and Release Date 2024

The drama in this soap opera has got the viewers glued to the screen. Tyler Perry is the man behind the creation of this show, he has also written the script and is also the director of the show. Tyler’s witty and creative ways made this series a hit.

A Peek Into The Storyline


The series was broadcasted on television from 2014 to 2024. Throughout this period it gained a huge fan following. The release of every new season added a huge number to the existing viewers. This women-centric series has been a favorite amongst the American diaspora, specifically middle-aged women. Oprah Winfrey, who advocates women in the television industry, was a huge fan of this show. The show also premiered on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

The show is based on five women, Marcie, Alex, Esperanza, Natalie, and Kelly. They are the female leads. Each character is going through some other problem. The womens’ bittersweet lives have made the audience feel empathetic, especially women as they have been able to relate to many of the instances in the show. The lead characters are longing for love but aren’t able to find ‘the one’ as their lives are filled with chaos.

The women are trying to juggle between their real life and the life they are longing for. The five women along with their husbands live on the same street in the community of Maxine. They also face similar problems and are trying to improve their personal lives. Their lives get tangled when they choose to live life on their terms.

Casting Choices We Can Expect


The show consists of many other characters besides the major actors. The series is based on the movie The Single Moms Club by Tyler Perry. The lead characters Alex Montgomery is played by Amanda Clayton, Kelly Issacs is played by Edwina Findley, Marcie Holmes is played by Heather Hemmens, Esperanza Willis is played by Zulay Henao, and Natalie Henning is played by April Parker Jones. They were part of all five seasons.

The other side characters who were seen throughout the whole series are Jackie played by Tiffany Hadish, Joey Blackman played by Matt Cook, Dr. Randall Holmes played by Eltony Williams, Brad Montogomery played by Aiden Turner and Edward Eddie Willis played by Joel Rush.

When Can We Expect The Release


The shoemakers are planning not to move ahead with season 6, this has left many of the viewers unhappy. The creative director and producer Tyler Perry has decided to move onto other projects. The new shows he would be creating are similar to ‘If Loving You Is Wrong’, they would be soap operas.

Final Words

The five seasons of the show were a super hit. The mixture of glitz and glam with the compelling and bitter reality of life gave it an edge over other soap operas. America appreciated the series to a great extent. Tyler has something new in store for his audience and the heartbroken fans can look forward to a new and better drama.

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