How Often Should You Use PEMF

Our cells have magnetic fields that play an important part in our body for it to work properly and for neurological signals traveling across our bodies to and from our brains. There are also magnetic fields in almost everything around us. Man-made electrical devices produce electromagnetic fields and the earth itself generates an electromagnetic field.

ElectroMagnetic Fields are used by PEMF devices but that doesn’t mean they are the same. The electromagnetic fields used during PEMF therapy are set for frequencies, duration, and focus of fields that make them therapeutic.

On the other hand, EMFs surrounding us are usually more intense and are not regulated. The type of EMFs used during PEMF therapy is of the nonionizing type which means that the waves emitted do not have enough energy to disrupt chemical bonds in our bodies.

When it comes to how often you can use PEMF devices like PEMF mats and heated leg wraps, the first thing you need to think of is the goal behind the therapy. Read more about PEMF at HealthyLine. When it comes to healing injured muscles or broken bones, therapy sessions are usually set long and more frequent and the session is usually using medium/high intensity devices that have a more localized effect than sessions for maintaining good health. It is usually advised to continue PEMF therapy for twice as long the period that was needed for healing when using PEMF devices for recovery from injuries but this can vary and that is why it is recommended to always check the progress and effect of therapy on your body with your physician.

There is no such thing as overusing PEMF devices as there have been no side effects proved to be caused directly by their use. PEMF is very safe, it just triggers the body’s natural healing process and promotes good cell health and function. It is also FDA approved to treat several conditions and has been used by veterinarians and physiotherapists for decades to treat animals and people and make them healthier. It has also been used by NASA to rehabilitate astronauts after returning from space as the lack of gravity was found to impact bones, muscles, and the cardiovascular system.

The rate at which you use your PEMF device whether you use whole body devices like the PEMF mat or localized devices such as the heated leg wrap depends on your desired health result. Treating symptoms of chronic conditions requires a different method of treatment and for a different period of time than that for getting healthier which in turn is different than when PEMF therapy is used to heal a broken bone for example. You can use PEMF devices every day and you can even use it more than once a day. Having longer sessions and using PEMF devices for a longer period of time would usually provide you with better results till you reach a plateau but no harm will be done.

Generally speaking, and for the general use of PEMF therapeutic devices, it is best advised to use them in cycles of 45-90 days with the devices being used twice a day, 30 minutes per session. This ensures you get the most efficient treatment provided by the devices. It is also recommended that the first session is done in the morning when you wake up as an energy booster after a night’s sleep and then having your second session at night before going to bed as PEMF therapy has a great effect in helping you sleep better. Sentient Element is one of the most affordable pemf devices in today’s market. It is also powerful and portable.

Benefits of Pemf ( Pulsed Electromagnetic Field ) Therapy

Helps in improving the immune system:


PEMF treatment assists your immune system by upgrading oxygenation. It works on the energy of your body to recover. Thus, it improves your metabolic capacities better.

PEMF treatment attempts to decrease the demise of the hypoxia-prompted cells. Side effects of hypoxia include breathing problems, cough, and rising of the breathing level.

It additionally builds the voltage of cells, raising the level of pH and giving an inadmissible climate to infections, microbes, and parasites to grab hold.

It helps in relieving the stress:

PEMFs assist you in relieving stress in three essential ways. One is to decrease the cerebrum’s response to it. The second is to assist the body with taking out the synapses and chemicals [like cortisol] delivered by distressing battle flight responses. The third is to safeguard the cells and tissues of the body from the actual changes instigated by stress synthetic substances or chemicals.

Enhances blood circulatory system:


Another benefit of using PEMF therapy is improved blood circulation. When the circulation gets better, your body receives all the nutrients that are needed for its growth. It helps in eliminating waste, repairing molecules, and increasing oxygen level. Dilation of the vessels is important as it lets the blood flow smoothly from them.

Repairs cell:

One of the biggest advantages of pulsed electromagnetic field treatment is that it helps in relieving pain from different parts of the body such a neck, foot, etc. by repairing the cells. When you use the PEMF treatment, the particles that are electrically charged assist you with turning off the inflammation and on the other hand turning on the cell repairing process. This helps you in getting relief from the pain much quickly.

Provides relaxation to your muscles:


PEMF innovation charges the cells in your muscles, permitting them to work more diligently and longer. With PEMF, the muscles contract, unwind, and recuperate better from the pressures and fits. Whenever performed routinely, this treatment permits the muscles to work more enthusiastically and recuperate quickly, releasing the tension developed in them.

It likewise upgrades energy creation in muscles to build cell energy. It de-pressurizes joints and contractures to liberate your muscles from unnecessary strain.

Reduces inflammation and swelling:

When you do PEMF treatment, the cells get recharged, which in turns helps in improving the oxygenation and reducing the sense of inflammation and swelling. It stops the mediators which are responsible for producing such sensations. With the help of this therapy, the body starts recovering at the faster rate as the chronic illness, swelling, or pain gets reduced.

Improvement in metabolism:


This therapy is also known for stimulating the mitochondria cells and helping them in regenerating the dead or the damaged cells at a much faster pace. If you are someone who has already been experiencing this for quite a while now, then you must have seen a lot of changes in your recovery period. Constant development in the metabolism further helps in losing weight and promoting energy level.

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