7 Reasons To Have a Photo Booth at Your Wedding

Wedding day represents one of the most important events that anyone can have in life. Therefore, it is necessary to make a good plan and set everything to be perfect. There are so many things to sort out before the wedding, which is the main reason why most people start with making plans a few months in advance. First of all, you will need a place for the guests. In most cases, people are choosing the rent some space or a restaurant for this occasion.

Moreover, you will need clothes, authentic invitations, and all sorts of other things. Also, filming and taking pictures is very important as well, since that will provide you to keep the memory of this day. Even though most of us are using smartphones with excellent cameras, the best option is to hire a professional photographer to make sure that newlyweds and all the guests can have their unique photos from this day.

If you are interested in renting a photographer in Los Angeles, visit Besides the photographers, installing a photo booth is a very popular option as well. Here are the main reasons why you should consider adding it to your wedding.

1. It Can Motivate People to Communicate More


It can especially be a case with people when you have hundreds of guests from both sides of the family, and there is a high chance they many of them see each other for the first time. Therefore, a lot of them might feel strange to simply start communication with anyone. In that matter, installing a photo booth is a great way to motivate people to wait in line and take some unique photos that will remind them of this day. Also, it will help them to relax and starting chatting and having more fun. That will bring up a much better atmosphere at the event.

2. Excellent Way To Save Memories


While professional photographers have great skills and can capture a lot of unique photos, the photo booth is more exciting. People can feel more relaxed than when they are standing in front of someone, which can help them to get creative and unique in the pictures. You will get a full collection in digital format, while anyone can ask for a piece to bring with themselves. The great thing is that you can make an outstanding album full of happy people who were celebrating your wedding.

3. It Will Amuse the Kids


We all know that it can be frustrating to watch for the kids all the time when you are at some event with a lot of people. Most places don’t offer a separate spot for children, and since it can be difficult to keep them entertained all the time, a photo booth can make the whole event much more interesting for them. Moreover, it is a great chance for their parents to get some amazing pictures of their kids.

4. Additional Options


Another advantage is that modern booths have the most recent technology involved, and various filters that you can use to create even more unique pictures. It is similar to filters and frames that we can use on social media. While you can save those pictures in digital format, there is also an option to get it in standard one, or even as a 3D hologram or a puzzle. It might sound like a simple addition to your wedding, but this spot will be most visited the place during the wedding since everyone loves taking pictures.

5. It is Affordable


It can cost thousands of dollars to hire a professional photographer with proper experience for this event. On the other side, a photo booth can be an even better solution, while it comes at a lower price. The average cost of this device is around $200 per hour, which means that you will spend $1,000 at max. When it comes to printing pictures, it depends on the company that is renting it, but it should be around $15 per photo.

6. Great Collection


Combination with the regular photographer is maybe the best option since you will get an amazing album of all you and your invites. People got used to the regular process, but with this option, you will save an even more unique collection that will save memories for this special day. Another great thing is that you can easily share the whole collection with guests since you will get it in digital format.

7. It Requires Less Effort


It can be stressful for the photographers as well when they are working at events with a lot of people. The average wedding can have over 300 guests, and if you hire only one person to take pictures, it might get difficult for him to cope with all those people who are calling him for another photo. In that matter, when you have a photo booth, guests will know that they need to wait in line, and everyone will be much more satisfied.

Last Words

While these devices were very popular during the 80s and 90s, many companies are improving them by integrating modern solutions that are using digital technology to create outstanding pictures. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the quality. Also, the time needed for printing is only around one minute, which is pretty fast considering the quality and details of each piece. The great feature is that there is a set-up with a proper background and lights that are excellent assistance as well.

As you can see, there are many benefits of combining it with the regular photographer. Also, you can save a lot of money since you can limit the time of photographers that can be very expensive, and focus on making pictures in the booth. When it comes to the selection of services where you can rent this option, it is still very popular in many cities, which means that it won’t represent a problem to find the right service in your area.

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