Benefits of Growing Succulents In Your Home

People have a lot of beliefs about succulents. Some of them believe that these plants can protect your health, others think they bring a bit of good luck to your home, and also, there are those people who simply enjoy beautiful and green things, just like they are. During the pandemic lockdowns, many people discovered new talents and hobbies, and growing houseplants was one of the most common choices to fill up the free time. Probably you know at least one person who is very passionate about the plants in their home. Many of them already have Instagram and Facebook pages dedicated to their hobby.

Also, some people who knew nothing about the plants before, are now interested in them. But, why they love succulents and cacti? One of the main reasons for that is the fact that they don’t require too much attention, and they grow really fast, filling up the pots with nice-looking bushes. The good thing is that the main plant doesn’t live long, but you can grow younger plants from their offsets. That means, if you know how to re-plant the succulent, you can have it for a lifetime.

But, are there really some benefits of this trend? Let’s see them:

1. They are great air purifiers


These plants will fight against the toxic ingredients in the air at your home. They also do the process named photosynthesis, which means succulents release oxygen in the air, collecting the carbon dioxide, which can be really toxic for you and your family. As they purify the air, you can be sure you are improving your health, you breathe easy, and the air around you is cleaner and refreshed. You can keep them everywhere, in the living room, your office, the kitchen, or even in the bedroom.

2. Great for disease prevention


Many of our health issues come from the excess moisture in the air, but when you have house plants, you can be sure that the plant and the soil will “inhale” it, but at the same time, they won’t make the air dry. They will maintain a healthy balance of humidity at your home, and you will feel healthier and happier, as you take care of them.

3. They make the room brighter


We all know that green is the color of refreshment, brightness, and awareness. A room with no house plant will look boring. Only one succulent will make a huge difference, no matter if it’s summer or winter outside. These plants enjoy the room temperatures and don’t require too much attention. In some cases, it will seem like you can see them growing bigger and release offsets. Some of them have a dark tone of green, others are brighter, and there are those who are combined with pink, purple, or red parts. Sometimes, they will release a blooming flower, so surely you won’t get bored with your plants, and you will enjoy seeing them around you.

4. Succulents will improve your focus and concentration


According to, these plants are responsible for your increased creativity, the harmony in your home, and the subjective feeling of happiness. All these things together will also improve your focus when you work on something important, and you will be able to concentrate on your task, without paying attention to distractions. And, when you combine these benefits, you will get an improved memory, which is very important, especially if you work from home. Many people lost their working habits and routines as they moved their job in the living room (because of the pandemic and protection measures), and house plants are great to bring them back again.

5. Increased tolerance to pain


Let’s be clear, these plants don’t have magical effects and features. But, as you take care of them, you are doing some kind of meditation, and their presence makes you more tolerant of the pains in your body. All these things are related and connected. So, if you ever asked why are there plants in some hospital rooms, the answer is given in this particular paragraph.

6. Their meaning


Knowing that these plants are durable, often they symbolize long life and eternal love. This is one of the reasons why people really love them. And, owning something with that deep meaning is also improving the mood, and those who have them are often happier than the people who avoid keeping plants in their homes.

Why people love the succulents?


Apart from their beautiful looks, some people, as we said, believe that these plants will bring a piece of good luck in their home, or attract more money and happiness. These beliefs are based on the Feng Shui lessons, but probably, most of us enjoy beautiful plants with shiny leaves and vibrant flowers. It only requires a little water and a lot of air and lighting, and they can double their size in a few weeks. According to Feng Shui too, the plants with thorns shouldn’t be kept in the room where you are sleeping or in the kitchen. There are many beliefs related to these plants, but we want to accept the most obvious one – they are beautiful and pleasant for our eyes.

Is every succulent good for air purification?


Every green plant has cleaning and purifying features, because of the process of photosynthesis. They use chlorophyll to absorb carbon dioxide and other toxic gases from the air and turn them into organic substances, that keep them alive and healthy. So, we can say that every plant is capable of air purification, but they don’t have the same power and capacity to do that equally. If you want to know which plants and succulents are doing that, you can join some groups and forums, and look for useful information online.

So, if we grabbed your attention, and got you more interested in succulents, maybe it’s the right time to discover more for them, or even buy a few samples for your starting collection. You can’t do anything wrong, because as you can see, they bring a lot of benefits for your health, luck, and overall happiness.

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