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Georgia to Armenia by Air – The Perfect Route in 2024

Traveling is difficult and finding the perfect flight from Tbilisi to Yerevan can be stressful. So many options come back that can simply overwhelm you and leave you guessing at which one will be the best for your needs. There are hundreds of flights, buses, taxis, etc. available and when you search on your average travel booking site, you’re left surrounded by each and every option.

Don’t let the difficulty of finding a reasonable flight route impede your time abroad. Simply searching for a route from Tbilisi to Yerevan will provide you with the trips that fit your needs. Taxis, vans, and planes all will be offered through 12go’s quick thinking algorithm. When establishing your route to Yerevan from Tbilisi, you aren’t restricted to the most popular results.

Find the Flight for you

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To be honest, all travelers ask themselves tons of questions: how do you find the cheapest airfares? Which are the low-cost companies to choose to book a ticket for a cheap trip? Where can you compare the prices of airline tickets? Is Opodo better than Liligo, Edreams or Ebookers? Is it a good idea to look for dry flights? How do I find the cheapest flight? Is a cheaper ticket always a sign of quality? Is it better to use an online travel agency? A travel comparator? A last-minute flight with no specific destination? Where to find cheap holidays? The questions are endless…

Currently, only one flight option is listed for travel between Tbilisi and Yerevan. It is hosted by Georgian Airways and costs anywhere from $129 to $181 per ticket for an adult. Reviews suggest that this is a dependable option presented by a trustworthy company. If you’re set on getting to your destination in a quick manner, this might be your only flying option.

There are plenty of other methods of transportation available, however, but none as fast as the flight. The plane will get you to Yerevan in around half an hour, whereas the taxi and van options will take about six and a half hours. The price of a taxi or van is significantly cheaper, however, coming in around $18 per person. It all comes down to what matters most about your method of transportation: cost, time, or service.

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But, Here is one of my little secrets to find a good price to new destinations. If you already know it then good for you, I feel like saying! The objective of this technique is not to set yourself a holiday destination, and to look for a long haul flight, a low-cost flight, a direct flight or with a stopover, at least expensive. You’re going to tell me, how’s that? I don’t know where I’m going, I want to know!

I’m not saying go anywhere, don’t worry, I’m just explaining that if you don’t set a destination, you have a very high probability of finding the best prices with Airfrance, Ryanair, Air Caraïbes or British Airways and it doesn’t matter the destination. You want to fly to Bangkok, Mallorca, Lisbon, the Canaries, that’s not the question, you see?! It’s the same thing with the dates of your holidays, even if I understand that for many, it’s sometimes complicated with work?

So the idea is simple, you’re going to try and book a cheap flight to anywhere? You’ll just have to be a little flexible about the possibilities that are going to be available to you and you’re going to save money, that’s for sure.

Keep in mind that if you can be flexible about your holiday dates, you will save money.

So if you combine flexible dates with a flexible destination, you’ve got a jackpot. You are in the best position to find your next destination for cheap! That’s clearly why I wanted to create my Facebook page dedicated to finding great deals on airline tickets from anywhere.

The Solution to Finding a Flight without a Specific Destination

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One of the possibilities to realize this kind of technique is to use flight comparators for flights with indifferent destinations. Some of them allow this alternative! Be careful, I’m talking about real comparison sites and not travel sites, tour operators or tour operators, such as Opodo, Edreams, Bourse des vols or Go voyage. All these sites are attached to travel agencies or different airlines. It is difficult for me to think of finding the best offers of international flights or low-cost flights with this type of agency.

If you travel often, compare the prices of airline tickets with the real comparators. To help you find your way around, the flight comparators offer you airline tickets for your requested destinations by comparing the ticket price on each site. They do not sell anything and the proof is that you are always redirected to these travel sites to buy an airline ticket. If you want to travel cheaper, this is something you should know.

Filtering Based on your Needs

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When you’re searching for a method of travel between Tbilisi and Yerevan, the number of results can be overwhelming. With many websites, you’ll receive anything and everything that gets you to your final destination. While this can be good for some, the vast amount of information is often unnecessary. Filtering your results allows you to see the options that work best for you and are suited to your needs.

If you’re pressed for time and are in need of a quick way to get to your final destination, you’ll want to receive the results that promote fast travel. Typically, this will be seen through-plane routes which could be rather expensive. However, trips by plane are the most popular method of travel from Tbilisi to Yerevan.

If money is more the issue you’re worried about, then you have the ability to filter your results based on the cheapest. If you’re looking for a flight, most of the options are going to be similarly priced – around $176 per adult seems to be the average currently. Buses and trains will probably be the most affordable method of travel for you. Finding the right path to your final destination doesn’t have to be difficult. With a website like 12Go, you have the ability to filter your results based on what is most important to you.

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