The Draw of Live Dealer Casinos

Casinos have advanced dramatically since transitioning from physical to online experiences. As well as being able to play a multitude of games online from the comfort of our own homes, players are now being invited to go that one step further and play in live environments. So what does this mean? In essence, live casinos offer real-time play, which of course creates a more authentic experience – one not too distant from the experience offered by a brick and mortar venue.

Some of the leading names in the world of gaming software have created the backbones for this exciting enterprise. Omni-present tech incorporated into the coding behind the scenes allows for a seamless experience, regardless of where you are.

Live dealer games are created in high-tech studios all over the world. Behind the scenes, the experience is perhaps a little less glamorous for the staff but as a player, you will never know that the dealer is actually sitting in a studio warehouse on an industrial estate! Well, you know now but don’t let that affect your game.

The whole setup is created perfectly and you’ll soon get lost in all the action and excitement.

The atmosphere


According to using a high definition, live stream, online casinos can create an ambience similar to the atmosphere captured by a physical venue. High tech cameras, placed at varying angles, showcase pro dealers in real-time. From watching cards being shuffled to dice being rolled, to being able to interact with the croupier and other players, this type of casino set-up is becoming more popular by the minute.

A few years ago, this type of entertainment was a mere pipe dream. Not many could have foreseen the tech advances that we enjoy in 2024, and less still could have predicted the explosion in growth across the live casino niche.

The best part? Avid gamblers don’t need to leave their homes to partake in this form of gameplay. As long as they have an active Internet connection (speedy Wi-fi is an asset in this scenario) and a device to play on (a mobile, laptop or tablet will suffice), anyone can enjoy the real-time casino experience online.

Mobile technology is catching up fast, and now the experience on your mobile is very similar to that on a laptop, for example. So, while staying in to stream a few hands of blackjack is nice, others may prefer to take advantage while out and about.

Many long journeys are now made far more enjoyable by being able to carry your live casino with you in your pocket!

It’s not just the clear imagery that is whipping casino fans into a frenzy. The digital sound reproduction from the state-of-the-art mic and speaker systems at the casino and on your device allow for that unique atmosphere to be transferred to you instantaneously. The telltale shuffle or spin of the roulette wheel is no longer replaced by computer-generated chords. All this adds up to an exceptional experience that is simply impossible to find anywhere other than an actual casino.

How does it all work?


Sometimes, the casino and the players can use Zoom or another form of video conferencing software to interact. However, this is a very specific type of live-play that you will have to seek out.

With the vast majority of casinos, the visual aspect is only produced at the dealer’s end. Players won’t be seen by the casino staff or other punters so you’re perfectly safe to play in your pyjamas if you want to without anyone seeing you! The cameras set up in the casino allow players to view exactly what is going on from all angles. You can see all the dealing and betting as it happens in much the same way that you would if you were there in person. Chat systems are in place to let players communicate both with the dealer and among themselves, which makes the real-time play a highly social experience and one that is winning the attentions of many in the gaming world – especially through the lockdown.

Before or during a game, players can connect with one another, swap tips and strategies, discuss software developments and new must-try games. Players can also talk to the dealer via and ask them to answer any questions that they might have about the game.

The dealer will have a monitor in front of them so they can see your comments coming through. They won’t type a response, but rather talk back to you when they see your message. The whole system creates a fantastic, interactive experience.

How to place a wager


When it comes to placing bets, players are invited to use an interactive control. This panel offers guidance in gameplay, showcases game history and keeps track of a player’s existing account total.

You will see your bets being placed in the form of digital chips that register at the dealers end to show them the wagers you wish to make. When you win or lose, your live balance is simply updated to reflect the previous outcome.

Just like physical venues, participants can also leave the croupier a tip using the handy tip box feature, designed solely for this purpose.

Which casinos offer live play?


Several top casinos are offering this method of play today, including casinos reviewed by It’s always a good idea to pick a reputable casino to play at, which is when casino reviews and ratings come in extremely handy. Certain establishments offer impressive first-time player incentives, including free money to play with. If you haven’t yet tried a live casino, opting for one with such an incentive is a great way to try before you buy, up to your skills and test out a handful of new games.

Games available at live casinos


These are being updated regularly and there will likely be many more to choose from in the very near future, especially considering this form of gameplay is on the rise. This has a lot to do with the pandemic, which has massively changed people’s gaming habits. Popular variants on the market at present include the favourite pastimes of; blackjack, craps, Sic Bo, roulette, Hold’em poker and baccarat.

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