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DJ Paul Net Worth 2024 – Tennessee Rapper, DJ, and Songwriter

Paul Duane Beauregard, or better known as DJ Paul, is a DJ, producer, rapper, entrepreneur and songwriter. During his long career, which lasts more than a few decades, he was a part of many key happenings of the hip-hop industry. Just to name one, he is a founding member of Three Six Mafia, a southern hip-hop group.

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Private Life

DJ Paul

Paul Duane Beauregard was born on the twelfth of January 1977 the Tennessee town Memphis. His half-brother was Lord Infamous who died a few years ago, in 2013. The public doesn`t have any information about his early life and education. However, we can presume that he finished high school and then started pursuing a career in the hip-hop industry.

DJ Paul

In the year 2011, he participated in VH1`s “Famous Foods” who featured sevens celebrities competing in cooking delicious meals. As a matter of fact, he won in that tv show. Also, he participated in another reality show called “Celebrity Wife Swap” along with his Majda Baltic. As of 2019, there are some rumors about their divorce.

According to one of his interviews, he sleeps only three hours per day, due to the amount of work that he needs to do every day. He said that he works on music on the night and that he manages his companies during the day. He stated that he doesn`t feel worthy of himself if he is not working and that he continues to work and that makes him happy.


His musical career started in the late eighties. He started working as a DJ and released many solo projects and three collaboration albums with Lord Infamous. After Juicy J joined them, they started presenting themselves as Three Six Mafia. Today, this group has two more members Gangsta Boo, Crunchy Black. Until 2000 they had one more member Koopsta Knicca who died that year.

The group became popular in the late nineties and early twenties. Their album “When the Smoke Clears: Sixty 6, Sixty 1” that was released in 2000, made the Billboard 200 and was awarded platinum. Their next two albums became very popular and had very successful sales. Other than that, DJ Paul has three more solo albums and worked on the soundtracks for two movies. Also, he is participating in various other ventures and businesses.

Net Worth

At the first stage of his career, his money was mostly earned through his music. Now, he makes even more profit from his various ventures and businesses. Also, he worked as a DJ for a significant amount of time. He earned a high amount of money from Three Six Mafia and his solo albums, and collaborations.

Like all big faces in the hip-hop industry, he has his own record label called Scale-A-Ton Entertainment. All of these fields of work are making him a very rich person. His estimated worth is around twenty million dollars.

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