Denim And Embroidered Patches in 2024

The best way to create timeless and unique clothing pieces is to combine your everyday denim jacket with stunning embroidery patches. A trend that seems to never go away, combining denim and embroidery patches seems like the right thing to do. If you’re looking to add further character and style to it, look no further than this fashion trend.

The Perfect Combination


You probably remember this fashion trend from the early to mid-90s’ when denim was hot. But people get emotionally attached to their childhoods, and that’s the reason why this fashion trend never seems to die out. Embroidery patches are quirky additions to any outfit, but the type of material that best goes with them is the mega-popular, and highly recognizable, denim. This combination is the best way to express your personality through fashion, hence why celebrities and fashion designers haven’t let go of it.

You Can Create Your Very Own Patches


The best thing about embroidery patches is that you can style, design, and create your very own unique patches that make up who you are. But why should you design your very own patches? There are many reasons why, but the most popular ones are:

It gives you the option of wearing something that personifies who you are by wearing it.

They are versatile additions that can be created based on any form. They can be made to look like simple words, slogans, symbols, images, cartoon characters, your favorite band, or you can combine a few of these to create something truly unique. If you’re a person who likes to travel, you can create patches based on every place you’ve been. This is a fun way to remember every exotic place in the world that you’ve visited.

For more information on creating your custom embroidery patches, make sure to this website a visit.

How to Style With Denim?


We mentioned multiple times that denim is the perfect material that goes with embroidery patches. Your denim jacket is the perfect clothing piece on which you can sew them. Here are some suggestions as of how to create a boss outfit by combining both:

Customized denim always looks go, and the best place to add them would be the sleeves or the pockets. On top of your denim jacket and patches, ripped skinny jeans, or a pair of biker boots, will go pleasantly along the way into completing the rest of your look. The patches can also be added to your denim jeans. The best place to place them would be below the pockets and/or the buttocks.

Fun Examples of Embroidery Patches and Denim

Create an asymmetric fashion piece by having one side of your leg completely covered with patches, and keeping the other one light. Instead of mashing up every patch you find, pick a theme and stick to it. You can use the super-popular band theme, luchador masks, or even a superhero theme. Make one of the patches the focal point by making it larger-than-life, and place smaller ones around it for a cool effect.

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