Chief Keef

Chief Keef Net Worth 2024 – Peculiarities and Career 

Many people call him a copy of Justin Bieber but this is actually an original and unique rapper from the USA. He is also involved in producing records and his career started to be in the spotlights in 2011. He has been very busy and productive and releases a hit after hit.

Personal life

He was born on the 15th of August 1995 in Chicago, the USA, and his birth name is Keith Farrell Cozart. It should be mentioned that his mother was 16 when she got him. He was not brought up by his parent, it was his grandmother who was his custodian.

He has changed a lot of schools, to drop out of Dyett High School in the end when he was only 15. Even though he is very young, he has four children and, here comes a peculiarity, each one of them has a different mother. Some of these women sued him and claimed that he is not paying support for the children.

Apart from this, he named one of his sons FilmOn Dot Com, which caused a lot of comments and debates. Apart from this, there have been also some accusations that he frequently enjoys in the usage of marijuana and that he sometimes does not appear on his shows.


As we have already said, his career started to raise during 2011 in Chicago after he has made and released a couple of mixtapes. The names of the mixtapes are Bang and The Glory Road. Apart from this, he noticed that people like his music and he started posting some videos on YouTube.

We should mention that he was doing this when he was unable to move out of the house. Why? Well, he was caught with a weapon that he did not have a license for. Those videos were so popular and good that even some labels got interested in him. It should be also added that even Kanye West saw the quality in his songs and he even remixed one of the songs that were included in the mixtapes under the titles Band and Back from the Dead.

He was so popular in 2012 that the labels were competing which would sing him and under which conditions. However, it was the Interscope Records that was the most persistent and they even gave him a 6 million USD offer, and he could not refuse it.

Apart from this, this label was even so generous to him that they gave him an additional 400,000 USD so that he could make his own label under the name of Glory Boyz Entertainment.


After the success of the mixtapes and his videos, and signing for a big label, he decided to make his own studio album. Named Bang 3, it saw its premiere in 2015 but it was not received well which was witnessed in 131st place on the US Billboard chart. This did not waver his spirit since he made even two mixtapes after this studio album. He also continued with studio albums, and he released to more.


We need to mention that he has not been nominated for any awards until now, which can be given to his age.

Net worth

His net worth is not small for his age since he is estimated to be worth 1 million USD in 2024. The 6 million USD that he should have taken were not taken in the end since his first album has not been sold in more than 250K copies. Most of this money was earned by the mixtapes and some of it was from the mixtapes and tours.

His net worth may even get smaller since he is under constants charges for avoiding to pay child support. So, he may even lose some money on this, as well.


Regardless of his age, he always succeeds to get into the headlines and media. He is also a very prominent member of the Chicago community since he tries to persuade the youth to choose the right path. Also, he has been noticed enjoying listening to loud music. Also, it has been noticed that some of his favorite clothing include even Polo pajamas.

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