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Your old vacuum has bitten into the dust and you urgently need a new one. Buying a new machine can be more challenging than you thought, especially when you see a variety of models, shapes, and colors online. It’s easy to get caught up in the ads all propagating the latest and greatest, but in the end, it’s about not getting stuck with a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t meet your needs and expectations. What should you pay attention to when buying a vacuum cleaner imoosoo

Choose the right type of vacuum cleaner


The first is the shape. There are five main types of vacuum cleaners, each with a slightly different function. Some models combine these shapes and functions to give you more bang for your buck. If you know what you expect from a vacuum cleaner, you can also make a better choice when purchasing.

The handheld vacuum cleaner


Handheld and car vacuums are perfect for hard-to-reach areas that need to be cleaned urgently. This model is ideal for cleaning cars, as it can be held in just one hand. Its versatility makes it ideal for vacuuming dirt and debris in a variety of tight and hard-to-reach places. However, this type is less suitable for general floor cleaning as it would take too long to clean large areas with a hand vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner comes in all shapes and sizes with equally different price tags.

The standing model


This type is probably the most popular and sought after shape. When you picture a vacuum cleaner or see one advertised in the media, it is in most cases that of an upright machine. These models provide the most powerful cleaning for your home and offer the reassuring benefit of easy-to-understand features and accessories. Most people have used an upright vacuum cleaner at least once in their life. A large number of this type of vacuum cleaner offer settings that allow them to be used not only on carpet surfaces but also on bare floors.

The stick vacuum cleaner


While they may be the least powerful of all the vacuum models, stick vacuums have the ability to get too tight places and do a great job on hardwood floors, area rugs, and light floor coverings. This type of vacuum cleaner has a long, stick-shaped handle and slim construction. The slimness of this model makes it a perfect addition to any closet space as it will fit neatly into most corners after you are done with it.

The canister vacuum cleaner


Canister vacuum cleaners are the perfect middle ground between the upright model and the stick model. They are just as powerful as the upright models, but the frame is just as slim as that of the stick vacuums. In this case, a separate canister is attached to a long staff, which can be used to maintain not only carpets but also bare floors. This type of vacuum cleaner is usually one of the most expensive options given it is technologically advanced and has a multi-functional design.

The robot vacuum cleaner


Robot vacuum cleaners have gained a lot of popularity in recent years, mainly due to the fact that they require little effort. These vacuum cleaners can roam freely around your house, vacuuming up every little mess that way. Not only will they save you time, but they can also reach places larger vacuum cleaners can’t reach, such as under the couch. A major disadvantage of robot vacuum cleaners is that they usually come at a high price.

Know what you are going to vacuum

Lots of carpets


Another factor to consider when purchasing a vacuum cleaner is what type of floor you have. Do you mainly have carpet, a hard floor, or a fairly equal combination of both? In general, for homes with a lot of carpets, especially in large spaces, an upright vacuum cleaner is a good choice. However, if your personal preference leans towards canister vacuum cleaners, there are excellent choices available. At the very least, you want to make sure it has a floor nozzle with a motorized brush roll and height adjustment options for different pile carpets.

Hardwood or tile floors


If you like hardwood floors or tile floors with a few carpets here and there, a canister vacuum is a great option. With the help of a special floor brush, these are usually very maneuverable for a quick workaround and under furniture. Some are equipped with combination floor tools that simply switch over to effectively clean carpets. For true canister vacuum cleaner enthusiasts, there are machines with high-quality motorized floor nozzles that can effectively handle deep pile carpets.

Combination floors


Most people have a combination of both carpet and hard floors. In this case, style preference is your guide. Make sure you check comfort functions such as the on / off control of the brush roll, the height adjustment, and the suction power control. Note whether the brush roll is powered by air or electricity, this will affect the effectiveness of cleaning deep pile carpets.

Take allergens into account

This is important because on average we spend about 90% of our time indoors, where the number of pollutants can be 2 to 5 times higher than typical outdoor concentrations. This is especially important to consider if you or anyone in your family has asthma or allergies. A vacuum cleaner that offers HEPA filtration can make a significant contribution to improving indoor air quality. HEPA filters trap fine dust down to 0.3 microns, so the exhaust air is actually cleaner than what was sucked into the vacuum cleaner.

Odors under control

There are also machines with some degree of charcoal filtration to control odors. So they are ideal for pet owners. An additional consideration is a vacuum cleaner that not only uses HEPA filters but does so in a completely sealed system. This means virtually no air leaks from the machine’s housing or fittings, and all air along with pollutants is forced through the filtration system, keeping your indoor air allergen-free.

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