Big Beautiful Women Knows How to Celebrate Their Curves

When it comes to dating, everyone has a different choice. Some like slim girls while others like big beautiful women with curves, but no man can ignore a woman with curves. 

Here, in this article, I’ll talk about BBW dating (Big Beautiful Women), who is not only known for their attractive curves, but they’re also famous for the way they carry their gorgeous curve. 

In the 21st century, and particularly since the start of the 2010-decade, people have started respecting plus-sized models and accepting them as a part of society (I mean without judging them). There is no stigma in dating BBW now. 

Besides, a lot of BBW themselves started leveraging tight dresses and celebrating their curves. 

If you aren’t showing off your curves yet, now is the time. WigNice can tell you, curves don’t last a lifetime. If you have it now, make the most out of it. 

Why Date a BBW?


When you start dating a BBW, you will begin to love “yourself” more than before. Yes, I’m talking about you. Because these women know how to embrace their flaws, how to make people fall in love for what they are, and that’s what you learn when you’re with her. 

Wait, there’s more to it. 

  1. Hugs: Hugging a thin woman may not be the sweetest thing in the world. But, hugging a lady with curves is a lot more comfortable. BBW can make you feel home in one hug itself. 
  2. S*xually Attractive: Compared to thinner women, BBW is much more voluptuous. This means there will be more love. Besides, in many urban cities in the world, slimmer women undergo implants just to look more voluptuous.
  3. You can enjoy food: Unlike thinner women who are conscious of what they (or you) are eating. BBW doesn’t really care much of calories and fat. They just want to enjoy their food. This means you can too stop caring about calories or the type of food you’re eating. 

If you really love to try new foods, eat high-calorie foods (pizza or other fried foods), then dating a BBW would be your best bet. Not only they will not restrict you from eating it, but they will also join you in the process. 

BBW will Accept You for Who You Are


Just like someone said, “No one’s perfect.” Big beautiful women understand the fact from the core of their heart. 

In the world full of judgemental people, BBW understands everyone has flaws and it’s ok to have it. There is nothing wrong with it. When you look past someone’s appearance, you will find there’s so much more in the person. 

Just as she is willing to accept your flaws, you also must do the same. As a man, we must make our woman feel like she’s “The Queen.”

Best Place to find a BBW is the Internet

While you can find such a woman anywhere on the earth, but the Internet is still the best place to find one. Dating sites like can help you explore the world full of BBWs. 

Join and see who catches your eye. You can then decide a place of your choice (or hers, which you both mutually agree upon) and meet her in real. 

If you’re not much of an internet (or dating site) person, then a gym is the second-best place to find a BBW. Though there is no particular place they hang out.

But, believe it or not, curvy women are fond of gyms. No, they don’t aim to lose weight or get slimmer. Their sole aim is to stay fit and gain strength. Take a look around gyms near you and you might find a woman for yourself. 

As I said above, BBW loves eating. This means that the love of your life might be enjoying her food in a café or a bar. Head towards a café or a bar and see if you find one. 

Also, it’s much easier to start a conversation in a café or a bar as compared to a coffee shop. People go to a coffee shop to have a “me” time, and you can’t directly go and talk to them. 

Besides, in a bar, if she looks busy in her work, head towards the counter, and buy her a drink and leave your number below the glass. 

Best places to go on a date with BBW


To be honest, dating a BBW is just like dating any other women. Don’t take it as a different thing. They also enjoy the same type of activities as any woman. 

Plan something romantic and exciting that you both enjoy. After all, dating is two-sided. 

It really depends on who you’re dating. Take your woman out to an amusement park or a restaurant or a club and see what she enjoys the most. Or you can directly ask her (but please not on the first date!). 

Talking with a BBW


If you have been in a relationship before, you might know that communication is the key to a successful relationship

BBW is a little wary of a relationship. The general population started accepting them for who they are after 2010, but before that, they used to face a lot of discrimination for their size. 

If you love her, show her both by action and your words. Prove to her that you love her for the way she is and watch her go “gaga” over you. 

Things you shouldn’t do or think about a BBW

  • She’s not desperate for a date: While it’s one of the biggest misconceptions among men that if she has not got a zero figure, she might be desperate for a date. BBW is just as selective as any other woman in the world. 
  • Don’t hide her away: Going for a party? Take her with you. Make her meet your family. Be confident about her when introducing her to anyone. 
  • Don’t force her to lose weight: You fell for her curves, and now if you ask her to lose weight, that’s just not done. 


Dating such a woman is no different than dating any other woman in the world. However, there are a few things that can make your date more special. Make sure you love her the way she is and are confident about her. You can find a BBW either on a dating site or in a nearby café. Just make her feel loved and she won’t ask anything else. Happy dating!

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