Benefits of Invisalign

If you have been unhappy with how your teeth, but you have been avoiding the decision of adding braces throughout your life because you felt they made you look immature and silly, there is a way to straighten your smile while still looking mature and professional. With Invisalign not only can you create the smile you have wanted to have, but it will also allow you to live your life just as you did in the past. These pieces of plastic that help with the alignment of your teeth are transparent or “invisible”, they can easily be removed and very comfortable to wear, unlike braces.

In the past, there weren’t a lot of choices when it came to fixing your teeth. You either had to go through the horrible process of adding braces on your teeth which you would end up wearing for years and years or a removable brace that you could wear at home. Sure, the removable brace is a much better option than the permanent one, but sadly, it is not as effective. You also couldn’t eat anything with this type of dental device.

So, if you are wondering whether you should finally get yourself Invisalign to get that smile you have been striving for in your life, you should probably know all about the benefits of using them.

Much more flexible

One of the most annoying thing about wearing traditional dental support is that you couldn’t eat anything you want. Just imagine, not only you look ridiculous with those stuck to year teeth for years and years, but you also cannot go out with your friends to a certain restaurant or bar because you are not able to eat that certain food they serve.

Did you want to go to the cinema with your friends to watch your favorite new movie? Well, sadly, you won’t be able to eat any popcorn throughout the movie. And who watches a movie with at least one giant bag of popcorn. You will also have to avoid foods such as chips or nuts as they can easily get stuck between your teeth and the metal pieces of the brace. You should also avoid candy as the sugar can get stuck and damage your teeth.

This is why Invisalign is so superior to traditional dental fixtures. You need to remove them during every meal as they are impossible to eat with, but since they are so easy to remove, who cares if you have to take them out? Of course, after removing them and eating you will have to go through extensive brushing and flossing to ensure that you do not have any food hidden or stuck. You will not have to give up your favorite food just because you want to get a prettier smile. If you are looking for a place in New York to get Invisalign, check out New York Total Dental.



Another thing that can be quite annoying with braces is that they are very uncomfortable. Just imagine metal pieces constantly touching the insides of your mouth, your teeth, and your lips. In other words, every kind of contact that you come with your lips can be painful. If you are ever playing some kind of a sport with your friends and someone pushes you too hard or hits you near the mouth, you will get cut up from all the sharp metal objects stuck on your teeth.

Not only will you have to endure through the pain, but there is also the possibility of some of the parts to break which can make the situation even more dangerous. After analyzing the damage done to the dental pieces you will probably have to go back to the orthodontist’s office so they can fix any broken piece of wire which can cost you quite a bit.

With Invisalign not only will you be able to comfortably wear them during any kind of sport, but they can also prove as a type of mouthguard. If you do not feel comfortable wearing them while running around, jumping and working out, then you can just temporarily take them off and put them aside for safekeeping. After you have finished your training, just give them a quick wash and you are back in the process of fixing your smile.

The reason why a lot of people do not mind using this tool is that it is made from very light plastic that is custom made to fit the mouth of the user. Keep in mind, they can get a bit uncomfortable for the first couple of days or weeks because you will have to wear them for more than 20 hours a day. Although considering how light they can be, you will not even notice that you are wearing this piece of plastic.

Just as effective as traditional braces


You might be thinking if Invisalign is so good there must be some kind of a downside to it, right? Well, believe it or not, it does not have any kind of con. If you follow the guidance of your orthodontists and wear the Invisalign for more than 18 hours a day then the effect will be just as good as wearing traditional braces. With this piece of plastic, you can fix any kind of problems including overbite, underbite, crooked teeth and all of the other usual dental problems.

No complicated brushing

By wearing a traditional brace you will have to enhance your “arsenal” with a bunch of different toothbrushes because you have to take care of every single metal piece inside of your mouth. You need to constantly make sure that nothing is stuck between the wires too.

Luckily, with the versatility of the Invisalign, all you will have to do is just take them off, give them a quick wash down under the faucet, brush with your regular old toothbrush, do some flossing and them put them back on. You could also consider getting an official cleaning kit which will make your Invisalign last longer.

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