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The Beard Struggle: Understanding Beard Oils

When shopping around for beard oils, the first thing to consider is the length of your beard. There are different stages of beard growth; Are you still in the stubble stage? Or has it grown out so long? If your beard is in the early growth period, it’s advisable to use lighter oils. As it gets thicker and longer, consider utilizing heavier oils. With the right product and proper management, you should be able to grow your dream beard within the shortest time possible. The right beard oil will penetrate your facial hair pores, which stimulates beard growth much quicker. Aside from this, beard oils usually contain antioxidants and Vitamin E that give you tons of other benefits – including damage repair and added beard strength.

What’s Beard Oil?

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Beard oil is an oily material consisting mainly of a base such as a jojoba oil and other ingredients, carrier oil and essential oil, all of which contain beneficial elements for your beard’s well-being. First of all, carrier oil is rather dense and has the property through the beard hairs to be well spread across the facial skin. It can be used on its own. Essential oil is, therefore, very volatile and should be specified. Beard oil benefits are a particular type of supplement that’s intended for stimulating facial hair growth. It’s lighter and can easily be absorbed into the skin. Applying it on your beard will go a long way in softening coarse hair and making it supple as well as easier to style. Plus, it will condition the skin underneath, minimizing its chances of becoming itchy and flaky. Most beard oils tend to be fragranced; thus, you can walk confidently walk around knowing that your beard will smell great all day.

Human pores and skin produce a substance known as sebum, or extra commonly, skin oil. It gives your skin numerous benefits: it takes care of water-resistant skin and discourages various skin diseases, which include fungal infections.

Because sebum emerges via hair follicles, the hair gives a natural wicking action that draws the sebum down every hair. That facilitates to make sure a proper distribution of sebum across the body, as well as utilizing it to guard the hair itself from environmental damage.

However, the human chin produces far much less sebum than other places at the body. The tremendously low sebum production on jaws makes it clean for the pores and skin under beards to dry out, as the beard wicks away more sebum than can be produced. That ends in itching and irritation of the skin, as well as allowing the beard hairs to turn out to be dry, cracked, split-ended, and tangled.

Beard oil alleviates this with a combination of oils that are mixed to mimic, as closely as possible, the composition of human sebum. The beard oil mingles with the herbal skin oils, softening skin, preventing dandruff, and presenting a smooth sheen to the beard itself.

When to Apply

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According to The Beard Struggle, you can always apply beard oil to your freshly shaved face or at any length. When using it on your shaved face, however, you’ll need to utilize a proper skin serum.

There’s a common misconception that you should only apply beard oil on skin that already has a bit of a beard. The truth is, even someone with barely-there facial hair, which is wishing to grow a beard, does not need to wait for his beard to develop before using beard oil. It is also not the sole purpose of beard oil as it can help moisturize your skin, making it smooth, supple, and healthy. Apply daily and repeat throughout the day as needed depending on your climate, environment, and activity level to grow and maintain a healthy, conditioned beard.

To achieve better results, though, it’s better to apply the oil once your beard has gotten thicker enough to cover the skin underneath. Like any other grooming product, how frequently you should apply beard oil depends entirely on your personal needs and preferences. Certain oils will easily get absorbed, making them ideal for daily use, whereas some have more staying power and are therefore well-suited for those who don’t have time to clean their beard every day.

When you apply it, consider using a beard shampoo specifically designed for coarse hair. Don’t just use regular shampoo. Depending on how thick it is, you can either towel or blow-dry it and then apply the beard oil according to the provided instructions. Comb the beard through and smooth it with your fingers.

Choosing the Right Product

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Proper beard care might seem overwhelming at first, but with the right approach, things will be made more accessible. Remember, personal grooming is your endeavor, and it all starts with you. Different people have different hair types and growth rates that need to be addressed. And the beard care products you choose are entirely dependent on your comfort and style.

Purchase a product that’s both relaxing and soothing. It should also be of higher quality. Cheap isn’t always better- it’s better to spend a little more and get the best results, right?


Not only will applying oil to your beard help it grow thicker, but it will also make you look elegant and feel more comfortable. There are also other benefits since beard oils contain antioxidants and Vitamin E, which help your skin become more radiant and healthy, aside from strengthening and repairing your beard. The conditioning properties offered by beard oils are indispensable. Just be sure to purchase a product that’s both affordable and well-suited for your personal needs. But if you’re allergic to deodorants, avoid using beard oils as they might end up triggering severe allergic reactions. Everyone wants to look good, but be sure that the products you are using are dermatologically tested and safe to use.

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