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How to Backup Your Instagram Memories in 2024

The habits of people have changed a lot in the last 15 years. Different inventions in the human past had different influences on people. Logically, all these inventions had a positive and negative impact on society. Let’s go back to history and talk about the car. It was an invention that most of the people were amazed by. This invention made the lives of people easier. They did not have to travel for days or weeks to come to a certain destination. However, there was the negative side of this invention as well. People became a bit lazy and less physically active. We do not want to say that car is the only reason why people are physically inactive. Yet, it influenced that habit of people.

Things are not so different when we talk about social media. People are sitting at home more than usual because of this amazing tool. Despite that, it is not a secret that we started to live in the “World of Photos”. Does this make social media useless? NO! There are many benefits that social media bring. We can now easily communicate with people on the other side of the world. Many business meetings are held online thanks to social media.

However, there is one thing that we would want to analyze. Instagram is one of the social media that is the most popular among people. There is no even need to say how much daily active Instagram users are there. Just look around you and you will see that almost every person has an account on this social media.

Are Photos Still Valuable to People?

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Living in the “World of Photos” doesn’t mean that each photo that we make is valuable. Many years ago, people were planning photo shooting for days. They were doing that for certain events. For instance, birthdays and holidays were moments when they were taking photos. Despite that, the entire family had to be in one place when people were doing that.

As we said in the beginning, new inventions are changing habits of people. Now, you can see a profile on Instagram that has published hundreds of images. Yet, are those images all equally valuable? In most cases, the answer to this question is “no”. People go for a walk and take a picture. Indeed, the photo looks nice and high-quality, but it doesn’t have an amazing background story that would support it.

Are Our Memories Safe on Instagram?

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Instagram truly is a reliable social media network. People can feel secured while using social media. Their private information is safe and it is hard to believe that someone will directly have the chance to hack their account.

Yet, people are visiting different websites and some of them are surely scams. The only purpose of those pages is to infect your computer and get your personal info. In that case, you can expose yourself to a hack attack. Still, you can lose your account if you are irresponsible as well. What if forget to log out from someone else’s account? Some people are bad and they would try to steal your account without any reason.

We won’t go to details of how you can lose your account. Our only message is not to visit different websites and to be responsible. However, this doesn’t mean that you should be unprepared for this type of scenario. On the contrary, people show know in every moment how to backup their Instagram memories. The reason for that is simple – the memories that we have are usually in digital format.

Let’s find out those ways together.

Transport Photos to Your Device

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This method is only possible if you made those photos with a personal smartphone. Logically, everyone needs memory in today’s world. The apps that we use are “heavy”. Because of that, we are constantly deleting some files from our mobile. We publish a photo on Instagram and we believe that they will remain safe there. Because of that, we usually delete them from our smartphones. Well, before you do that, transport it into your computer via USB or Bluetooth. If something bad happens with your Instagram account, the memories will be safe on your computer.

Additionally, you can print them and put them in some beautiful frame. In this way, you won’t depend on technology in any way.

Use Download Apps

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Well, if you are not a programmer, then the coding is not the method you can use. Besides that, why would you spend your time when there is an app that can do everything instead of you?

One of the apps that can help you with this is odownloader. It doesn’t matter if your memory is in the form of a video or picture. Go to the website that we attached before everything. After you do that, the only thing that you should do is copy the URL of a particular video or picture. Logically, you will have to past it to the text box. Keep in mind that the link you copy needs to be valid. Finally, you just click “download” and the entire process is finished.

It is quite simple, isn’t it?

Solution for More “Stubborn” Ones

In other words, if you are a bit familiar with coding, then you can try out one more thing. This method people mostly use on their PC. You can use it on Chrome on your mobile as well, but that would be tougher.

Anyway, go to the memory/post you want to download. After that, right-click on it and choose “Inspect Element” option. After doing that, you should go to the Elements tab on the Consol. Look carefully for “jpg” or “og:image” sign in the code. Despite that, you can also look for “KL4Bh” div class.

The net thing you will have to do is to copy the link under srcset. Keep in mind that you need to copy the entire link. It will be in the form of a complex combination made of different numbers and letters. Paste that link to a new tab and hit enter. You will open an image in the net tab. Finally, you just have to right-click on it and click on “Save Image as”

We assume that the previous two ways to backup your Instagram memories seem easier. However, as we said, this option is good for the “more stubborn ones”.

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