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Akon’s Net Worth & Earnings – How Much He Earns 2024

Aliaume Damala Badara Akon Thiam or just Akon is a popular American singer, music producer and songwriter. He became famous all over the world after releasing the song “Locked Up” which appeared on his first album called Trouble from 2004. An interesting fact about this famous artist is that he also had two songs on the Billboard Not 100 that took the first and second place, which is still a record.

He received numerous awards for his work, and his songs were certified as Platinum. However, did you wonder how much this music star makes? If so, then you are in the right place because we have prepared an article about Akon’s net worth. Well, if you’re ready, let’s start.


Akon in Africa
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As we said earlier, Akon’s real name is Aliaume Damal Badar Akon Thiam. He was born in St. Louise in Missouri, United States, in 1973, but spent his childhood in Senegal. His father is Mor Thiam and he is a percussionist, and his mother is Kin Gueye Thiam and she is a dancer. When he was seven years old, the family moved to Union City New Jersey.

Akon Personal Life

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It is known that Akon does not like to publicly expose his family so that the media do not know much about the personal life of this popular singer. They only know that he is a Muslim and that he has six children whose names are unknown. Also, Akon has three women whose names are also not known.

On the other hand, it is known how much this artist is socially active. He founded the Konfidense Foundation, a humanitarian organization to help children in Africa and to reduce poverty.

Professional Career

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His successful career began in 2003. However, he achieved his great success and worldwide popularity in 2004, when he released his first album, Trouble. On this album, there were very popular songs like “Locked Up”, “Ghetto”, and “Lonely” that marked the beginning of his career. The debut album has achieved incredible success all over the world. At the United Kingdom Album Charts, this album reached first place, while the European Tor 100 Album was fourth on the list. Also, the album is certified as Gold and Platinum in the United Kingdom, Canada and, of course, in the United States.

After two years, Akon released the second album called Konvicted. In 2006, he founded the record label entitled Kon Live Distribution. Just like Trouble, Konvicted has achieved great success, and Akon became Billboard Top Artist.

After a very successful first two albums, Akon released another album in 2008, called Freedom. Currently, he works hard on his new album, which will be called Stadium TBA. Album Konvicted was certified as 3x platinum, and Freedom as 2x platinum and also reached the second position on Billboard 200.

Akon was engaged in the film. He appeared in Black November in 2012, American Heist in 2014, and Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping in 2016.

Awards and Achievements

Akon Awards
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In his successful career, Akon received a lot of awards for his work, more precisely 36, and was also nominated 95 times for numerous other awards. Some of the most prestigious awards he has earned in his career are the Billboard Award, BET Hip Hop Award, the American Music Award, and the World Music Award 5 times and ASCAP Award 12 times.

Akon’s Net Worth

Akon's Wealth
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In the end, the main reason why we write this text, and that is Akon’s net worth. So, the main question is how much this famous artist and musician earns? Therefore, Akon’s net worth is estimated at $ 100 million. The main source of his earnings is his music and albums that have achieved excellent results and brought him wealth. That means he earns $ 10 to $ 12 million annually. He is the founder of Konvist Muzik and Kon Live Distribution, which is an additional source of money.

More About Akon

Akon for Africa
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Maybe you did not know that, apart from being a successful musician, Akon is also a successful entrepreneur. He invested money in mining diamonds on the continent where he spent part of his life, Africa. Also, he is linked with Africa through the Konfidense Foundation that helps children and people on this continent. His musical talent is not limited to the voice, but Akon knows to play instruments like drums and djembe.

It is known that this famous musician was in jail in 1998, but not because he was a criminal, but because he was driving a stolen car. However, Akon is a man who is very dedicated to helping others with the help of his wealth, and nobody can deny that.

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