AI Technology and Its Impact on Online Casinos

AI (artificial intelligence) is becoming increasingly significant in many aspects of daily life. While the term itself can be a bit deceiving – especially the “intelligence” part – it remains a fact that things are becoming “smarter” around us day after day. Smart algorithms now improve the way we use the internet, the way we interact with the services online and in real life, and sometimes help us out without us even noticing. Some of them are helpful, while others are annoyingly smart – just think of the algorithm serving you with ads when all you want to do is watch your favorite streamer on YouTube.

Artificial intelligence is slowly finding its way to the entirety of our digital life – and online gambling is not an exception. Both land-based and online casinos have been changing and incorporating cutting-edge technologies in order to provide players with an even better experience.

Today, we take a look at the impact of artificial intelligence on online casinos, and the iGaming industry as a whole, and on how it can give users safer and better ways to play games from renowned developers while staying at home.

Cyber Security


Artificial intelligence, in addition to assisting online casinos in better protecting their players, has the potential to better safeguard everyone from cyber assaults – if implemented correctly, of course. Unfortunately, identifying a cheater from the start of their gaming experience can be difficult. Nonetheless, AI will strive to prevent any unlawful and immoral activity from happening by discovering and stopping cheaters and fraudsters immediately.

Recently, the use of cryptocurrency payments in the iGaming world has gained in favor as a means of increasing the security of online betting, not just with the assistance of Al. While smart algorithms defend against cyber-attacks, bitcoin casino gamers may rest assured that transactions will be more secure thanks to blockchain technology, a higher level of security, as well as anonymity.

Preventing Fraud


One of AI’s key goals is to recognize when fraud is occurring, after which it will be utilized to counteract it. The smart algorithms that are now an integral part of the platform itself always attempt and apply approaches that evaluate player behavior and detect any questionable activity.

Users that establish numerous accounts will be easily discovered since the system analyzes IP addresses of fresh and existing accounts, detecting, flagging, and removing those that contravene one of the most common conditions set by operators: one account / bonus per household / IP.

Once this is accomplished, artificial intelligence will be able to impose limitations or penalties on anyone who engages in this activity.

Furthermore, AI can detect people who are abusing transfer restrictions and track withdrawals, whilst technology can also aid in keeping players’ accounts as safe and secure as feasible. For example, at LuckyCreek, they employ methods like authentication with two factors and alternative forms of automated security assistance.

Improved Experiences


Indeed, AI can substantially benefit customers who want to play at a specific gaming platform, as well as can take advantage of a variety of technological benefits. To illustrate, AI can help forecast what consumers desire based on historical outcomes, modifying the experience delivered and adapting it to their personal needs.

Plus, the games themselves can become smarter and more challenging with the use of artificial intelligence – and, believe it or not, this is a good thing. One of the reasons why blackjack is among the most popular casino games today is that it relies on more than just blind luck – it gives players the possibility to use their brain cells as well, and actually make decisions based on what’s on the table. AI can improve on this, too, without sacrificing the fairness of the games.

Responsible Gambling


Gambling, like many other things in our lives, can become a problem when used in excess. While online gamblers have been proven to be far less prone to overdoing it, the casual nature of the game is not enough to eliminate this problem completely. In the past, it was up to the players to discover the signs of possible problems. In the age of artificial intelligence, players have a new ally that can help.

It is the solemn obligation of the iGaming industry to promote a safe and secure gaming environment. And most importantly, a responsible one. Many operators are constantly working on it by, among others, implementing a responsible gambling option.

AI can help with keeping players on the straight and narrow by detecting potential problems, like excessive gaming and potentially addictive behavior, and applying automated intervention strategies. These can include imposing limitations on deposits, limiting the time players are allowed to spend in certain games, and requesting time-outs at various intervals.

AI makes it easier for the problem gamblers to realize that they have an issue. Smart algorithms can analyze their behavior and notify them of potential issues, maybe even recommend what course of action would be the best for them – in extreme cases, it can even apply cool off periods or suspend their possibility to play as a whole.

Online gambling has always been one of the pioneers of internet-based real-money entertainment, both when it comes to desktop computers, and mobile. iGaming is an early adopter, always ready to embrace new technologies, no matter if it’s internet-based mobile gaming or virtual reality. And they are doing the same with AI as we speak.

Artificial intelligence is paving the way for a more secure and engaging online gambling experience. This technology will undoubtedly revolutionize how we play in the future, thanks not only to a hugely improved and much more satisfying gaming experience, personalized recommendations and offers based on our preferences, increased security and safety, but also the capacity to assist in the prevention of gambling issues in a more meaningful, data-driven way – offering prompt and punctual support exactly where it is needed.

The online casino sector is always evolving and AI will have an impact on both how we play online games and how casino games are made.

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