5 Tips on Popcorn Fundraisers at School

The holidays are special moments for various reasons. One of such reasons can be the fact that it is very much relaxed and free from the hustle and bustle of the work time. It is also a time where loved ones spend time together. So surely, it is a wonderful time and one that most people look forward to.

It is therefore not a surprise that the holidays would take a lot of planning and precision. For most lovers of the holidays, this is one part of their lives which they have to get right. So what are some of the factors which you would have to take in when you are planning for the holidays? Here are a few;



One thing is clear- you are going to need money. A lot of things would need to be done and some measure of funding would be needed. Not having a budget during this time would only ensure that you spend over the top and not have a structure for the spending done. The result would most likely a huge debt to pay in January and a much disorganized holiday celebration. This would mean that you lose on both sides. 

When creating a budget, it is really important that you stay as realistic as possible on the amount of money you can spend and what you can get for that amount. Doing otherwise would only land you into more trouble.



Now, the holidays are never complete if there are no guests. Besides, the presence of guest in family and friends are the reason why there needs to be any planning in the first place. You would have to consider the number of guests you want to invite. Would it be smaller gathering or are you expecting a large crowd with perhaps sleepovers?

The number of guests you are expecting would affect a lot of things. From the number of cookies to the amount of food to be spent, you would have to consider all this with the number of people you are expecting. All this would come back to hit your budget.  

Exchange of gifts


One of the traditional things about holidays would no doubt be gift-giving. Most holidays, whether Christmas, Easter or even Halloween, there is a lot exchanged between family, friends and sometimes even strangers? So you have to decide if you would give gifts during the holidays. If you decide too, then you would have to decide what kinds of gifts to give. 

For example, if you are a parent or if you are going to have a lot of kids in your home during that period, you are going to have to give a lot of gifts that children would be pleased to have. The school holiday shop would be the perfect option when it comes to gifts for children. Most school holiday shops offer holiday incentives and discounts during this period which would make your shopping experience worthwhile. You might also find some joy in the Santa shop which would have all the cool gifts. With this at your disposal, you could make their day.

Recently, school organizations such as PTAs, sports teams, or private school boards, have begun to employ the use of an in school holiday shop, where students can purchase gifts for each other.  If you are a part of an organization like this, this could be a lucrative market to help raise funds for other scholastic activities.  

Holiday Menu


You would also need to consider the type of holiday menu which you want to have. Would you like a lot of games on it or would you like to have more food and talking among your guests? It is really up to you to decide. When considering what you want to do, other factors such as the budget you are on and how far you have spent it would play a fundamental role in helping you understand what would be good for you.

While these are the factors which you need to consider, the important about the holiday season is to make sure that you are having fun. It would be pointless to make all arrangements and somehow miss out on all the fun. So find a way to make sure that everything is perfect and still find a way to join in on all the adventures. 

The holiday season is full of magic and laughter. Make sure yours is exactly that way. 

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